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FF TCG – The Legacy Cards

Final Fantasy Legacy Cards

The Final Fantasy TCG launched in 2016. Since then, Square Enix has released some pretty incredible and memorable cards throughout their 13 Opuses. To celebrate these cards and to allow collectors to obtain full-art foil versions, Final Fantasy Legacy cards were introduced into the more modern Opus sets. 

Shantotto (1-107L),  Locke (4-048L) and Minwu (6-123L)

First released with Opus XII: Crystal Awakening, the first available Legacy cards were ‘Shantotto’, ‘Locke’ and ‘Minwu’. ‘Shantotto’ first appeared in Opus I and offered players the powerful ability to remove all Forwards from the game. ‘Locke’ came with Opus IV and displayed the contemporary Japanese illustration style of Yoshitaka Amano. ‘Minwu’ is another card that originally came with Opus IV, which not only showcases some beautiful artwork but also offers a great search mechanic for players.

 Vivi (3-017L),  Fina (8-060L) and Fusoya(9-094L)

On March 26th, Opus XIII: Crystal Radiance was released. With this new set, three more full-art Legacy cards were picked from past sets and offered to collectors and players. ‘Vivi’ who came with Opus III, is favoured for its damage-dealing abilities. The artwork of ‘Fina’ is another fantastic illustration from Yoshitaka Amano and is another fitting pick for a Legacy card. ‘Fusoya’ is the final Legacy card that came with the release of Opus XIII, which is also one of the younger cards to get a reprint, arriving with Opus IX.

Final Fantasy Legacy Cards

Future Final Fantasy Legacy Cards

The Emperor (2-147L),  Wol (5-075L) and Estinien (6-088L)

Scheduled to be released on July 16th, Final Fantasy TCG: Opus XIV will bring three more popular cards back from the past. The first entry, ‘The Emperor’, is another testament to the talents of Yoshitaka Amano, which is obviously a pattern for the cards re-released as Legacy cards. This card was initially released with Opus II and was incredibly useful for preventing special and action abilities. Many fans will know ‘Wol’ as the main protagonist of Mobius Final Fantasy, the free to play mobile game that has since been shut down. ‘Estinien’ first appeared in the Online MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV and was part of the FF TCG: Opus VI set. Estinien is useful in play, as he can smash through a Forward trying to block him. 

The cards displayed for ‘The Emperor (2-147L)’, ‘Wol (5-075L)’ and ‘Estinien (6-088L)’ are the original versions as images of the Legacy ones are yet to be released. The text box and foiling will look similar to the Legacy cards that are currently available. 

If you would like to see more cards from the latest set, Opus XIII: Crystal radiance, check out our article here

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