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Final Fantasy TCG – Top Noctis Cards

Noctis is among the most popular protagonists in the Final Fantasy franchise, alongside Cloud Strife. Unlike Cloud, however, this character hasn’t had as many cards introduced into the TCG. Some of those that have been released, however, have had some incredible artwork, showing the character in several unique art styles. 

In Final Fantasy XV, the debuting title for the character, Noctis is introduced as the crown prince to the Kingdom of Lucia, tasked with the job of protecting the Crystal. He sets out to Altissia to marry the beautiful Lunafreya as part of a peace treaty, but things soon turn sour after it turns into an invasion of Lucis’ capital. After this, he and his friends set out to collect the weapons of past kings in a bid to defeat the Niflheim Empire.

Noctis 7-077L

The first Noctis card fans got was with Opus VII which was released in 2018. Although this artwork comes from the Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade, no specific artist has been accredited for this broody Noctis artwork. With that being said, we do know that the character was designed by famed game artist Tetsuya Nomura, who has been been involved with the development of several Final Fantasy game series throughout his career, including the 2005 CGI movie, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.

Noctis  Final Fantasy TCG

Noctis 8-079H

When Final Fantasy XV was finally released in 2016, fans were not left disappointed. Although there are many reasons why the fifteenth instalment of the Final Fantasy series was a roaring success, the debut of Noctis, the protagonist of the game, played a large part in its positive reception. This Noctis card shows the character in all his glory, as seen within the critically acclaimed video game title. 

Noctis – 15-128L 

When a card’s art is used for the booster box and pack art of a set, you just know that it is a card that Square Enix are proud of. As Noctis is the main protagonist of Final Fantasy XV and is the crowned prince and heir to the throne of Lucis, it is only fitting that we get card art with him standing alongside his love, Luna. 

Noctis  Final Fantasy TCG

Noctis 12-121R

The Noctis Forward that came with Opus XII has one of the most unique and eye-catching art pieces of all Noctis cards. This is down the work of Satoshi Kuramochi, who created this piece for Mobius Final Fantasy. This card came as a Premium full art in Opus XII, which really does this card art justice. Although the contrast between the heavenly looking background and the dark-clad Noctis makes this card look incredibly cool, it is the detailing and the shine of the Engine Blade that makes it our top pick. 

Noctis  Final Fantasy TCG

It will be interesting to see what Noctis cards will enter the game in the future, as there are very few currently in the Final Fantasy TCG. If you would like to check out the others, head over to Anthos, the ultimate database for everything FF TCG. If you are interested in checking out what Square Enix has in store for 2022, you can read our article here

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