Five times Pokemon TCG hit the mainstream news

The Pokemon TCG hobby is a weird and wacky place filled with huge record-breaking sales, fun events, arguments over social media, and mind-boggling stories that sometimes hit national news outlets. In this article we’re going to look at five times Pokemon TCG has hit the mainstream news, not always for good reasons. 

Using a COVID-19 relief loan to purchase a Pokemon card

This article was prompted after information released yesterday related to a man in the United States using $57,000 of COVID-19 relief fund loans to purchase Pokemon cards. Vinath Oudomsine from Georgia is accused of receiving a loan of $85,000 on August 4th 2020 and using the funds unlawfully rather than to support his business. Five months later, Oudomsine is said to have made a huge Pokemon TCG purchase in the region of $57,000 and could now face 20 years in prison and up to $250,000 in fines. Worth it for some shiny cardboard?

Pokemon Heist

Back in March, a Japanese Man from Tokyo was suspected of conducting one of the greatest Pokemon heists in history. Kensuke Nakanishi used rope to descend from a six-story rooftop into a closed store at 5 AM. The man allegedly escaped with 1 million yen worth of Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! cards alongside 260,000 yen of cash. A story idea for the next Oceans film?

War at Walmart

There’s no denying the huge popularity of Pokemon cards nowadays, heck the Ultra Premium Collection from Celebrations has been as hard to find as one of Kanye’s new Yeezy drops. People know the value in reselling nostalgia and queue for hours on end to sell Pokemon cards at double their retail price. Walmart hit the news back in May when video footage showed scalpers battling it out for boxes. In the video, people are seen fighting and pushing to get their hands on any Pokemon TCG product possible. For some of us, this is insanity, for others, this is a daily occurrence due to the lack of product available in your area.

Live Stream disaster

This story blew up online, highlighting the value of Pokemon cards at the time and the risks linked to huge value transactions. Dumb Money LIVE, a YouTube channel with nearly 100,000 subscribers, purchased a First Edition Base Set Booster Box to open live on stream amid Logan Paul’s Pokemon hype back in October. When the streamers opened the box they purchased for $375,000 to verify the contents they were quickly hit with the harsh reality of resealed packs filled with everything but First Edition holos. 

Life-saving Pokemon cards

I wanted to end this list with some uplifting mainstream news about our fantastic hobby and this next story is sure to do the trick. An 8-year old named Bryson set out a yard sale to raise funds to provide treatment for his sick dog. The young boy sold his cards in an attempt to raise $800 for the veterinary fees. His parents decided to showcase his efforts online leading to a whopping $5,490 via their GoFundMe page. News outlets saw Bryson’s efforts and the story began to circulate online. When The Pokemon Company saw the news, they decided to send some cards to Bryson as a gift for inspiring so many of us with his genuine kindness.

Pokemon Mainstream News

What’s the craziest Pokemon TCG story you’ve ever heard and why?

John-Anthony Disotto – Editor-in-Chief

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