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Galactic Battle -The First SPRs

The DBS CG kicked off back in 2017 with the Galactic Battle booster set. Since then, we have seen dozens of boosters and starter decks. Although these products have injected some incredible cards into the game over the years, it was Galatic Battle that introduced the first high rarity cards into the game.

Galactic Battle was the first booster set in the DBS CG, releasing in July 2017. The set heavily focused on the characters of the Dragon Ball Super series, although other characters from the franchise made an appearance. This was a good promotional move, as interest in the franchise had been revived by the latest instalment. 

Galactic Battle contains 114 cards, made up of 60 Commons, 30 Uncommons, 12 Rares, 8 SCRs and 4 SPRs. Although the SRs of the Galactic Battle set have a very modest value, with all of them selling for under $10, it is the SCRs of the set that continue to grow in value, especially when graded. 

Lightning-fast Hit

Hit became an instant fan favourite when he was first introduced into the DBS CG. When it comes to the artwork, the electric foiling raining down on Hit while he reaches out to grab his foe looks seriously cool.

All of the SPRs in this set are alternate art versions of SR cards in this set. There are only 15 PSA 10 graded versions of this card, and only one BGS Black Label. Because there is barely any sales data on this card, it’s hard to determine how much it is worth, although the raw version sells for $50. With that being said, In May 2020, a BGS 9.5 sold for $208. Due to the lack of graded ‘Lightning-fast Hit’ out there, finding listings can be very difficult. 

Galactic Battle SPR
Galactic Battle SPR

Golden Frieza, Resurrected Terror

Although Frieza is one of the smallest enemies in the Dragon Ball franchise, the artist of ‘Golden Frieza, Resurrected Terror’ has done a fantastic job of capturing the intimidating side of the cruel tyrant. 

Out of the 27 PSA graded copies of this card, 20 of them have achieved 10s. This card has been selling for between $50 and $70 raw, with no recent sales for graded versions. As the last PSA 10 sold for $100 back in 2019, going off the rise in values seen in the past year, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see another selling for at least $300.  

Broly, The Rampaging Horror

Broly is arguably the scariest character in the DBS CG, for his berserk nature and incredible strength. This card captures his dark side perfectly, with the power literally radiating from his hands. The Galactic Battle booster was released the same year as the Broly movie, which made this card extremely relevant. 

The last PSA 10 version of ‘Broly, The Rampaging Horror’ Sold for $204 in December 2020, while raw copies are selling for between $100 and $150. ‘Broly, The Rampaging Horror’ has one of the higher populations when it comes to Galactic Battle booster SPRs. With that being said, only 40 have ever been graded by the service, 25 of which are PSA 10s, making it the second most popular Galactic Battle SPRs to be graded. 

Galactic Battle SPR

God Break Son Goku

As is the case with most higher rarity Goku cards, ‘God Break Son Goku’ has the highest population of graded cards with PSA, having 59, with only 29 of them achieving a 10 grade. Beckett, on the other hand, only has one grade 10, with most of the others achieving 9s. SMR values a PSA 10 at $1000, although one sold on eBay auction for  $2,500 on July 17th. 

Interestingly, Galactic Battle is the only DBS CG booster that doesn’t have an SCR in it, with the first one being the ‘Ultimate Force SSB Vegito’ card that came with the Union Force set. Despite lacking the rarity that often becomes the most valuable chase cards of the set, as was seen with ‘Son Goku, The Awakened Power’, sealed booster boxes still sell between $500 and $600. This is mostly down to it being the first booster in the game. 

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