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Galar Friends Full Art confirmed! An Alola Friends successor!

Galar Friends TCG

The latest Japanese High-Class set, VMAX Climax, is coming out in less than two weeks and with that comes a huge variety of fan-favourite reprints alongside brand new cards. One of which, the Galar Friends trainer card featuring Sword and Shield’s most loved characters could end up being a massive chase card for the set.

Galar Friends

DISCLAIMER: Since writing this article a VMAX Climax leak has now confirmed the existence of this card. You can see a low quality image below. You can check out more leaks from VMAX Climax including gold Pikachu here

The Galar Friends supporter card is drawn by You Nishida and showcases Hop, Bede, and Marnie alongside the two protagonists from Pokemon Sword & Shield. On the surface, the card isn’t anything mind-blowing. From a play perspective, it allows players to draw 3 cards and from a collector’s perspective, it’s a nice common trainer card for a binder. That being said, Galar Friends is a spiritual successor to a very rare promo card from the Sun & Moon era: Alolan Friends 401/SM-P.

Galar Friends

In August 2019, Pokemon released a Limited Collection Master Battle Set to commemorate the end of the Sun & Moon era. Each box contained the typical premium Pokemon play accessories such as dice, a playmat, and a deck case alongside two very special promo cards: Pikachu 400/SM-P and Alola Friends 401/SM-P. These boxes were made to order and began shipping in December 2019 for 13,200Yen ($115).

Nowadays, if you bought one of those Limited Collection Master Battle Set boxes less than two years ago you’d be sitting on a small fortune. Sealed boxes sell for over $2000 at the time of writing this article and PSA 10 copies of Alola Friends will set you back over $2500. Considering there are 382 on the PSA registry, this is very much the case of a difficult to obtain modern promo card with incredibly popular characters making for high demand.

When initial information for VMAX Climax appeared as a rumour back in August there was talk of a SR Full Art Galar Friends card and Full Art SWSH gym trainer cards. With the official reveal of the common Galar Friends, this is most probably the case.

The reveal of a Galar Friends Full Art will likely become a huge chase card for VMAX Climax. There’s a stellar cast of reprints alongside new Character Rares like Pikachu VMAX making 2021’s High Class set an incredibly exciting prospect not only for Japanese card collectors and players but also for Pokemon TCG’s next English expansion, Brilliant Stars.

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