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Ghost Omnimon Pre-Release Value Report

The Double Diamond booster set releases today in many regions, giving fans the chance to get their hands on this highly anticipated set. Although there are many cards that make this set stand out, such as the Sistermon cards and Three Musketeers archetype, for many, it is the chance of pulling the incredibly rare Ghost Omnimon that excites them. 

When the Double Diamond booster first came out in Japan, a small number of Ghost Omnimon, also known as Parallel Omnimon, came onto the market. The pull rate for this card is incredibly low in the Japanese set, with some speculating that it could have a one in three carton chance, with others claiming it could be even lower than that. This has resulted in Japanese copies being listed for $2500 on eBay. Despite the card also having a very low pull rate in the English version of the game, several Ghost Omnimon cards have come onto the market during the pre-release period. Due to the amount of people pulling them, there has been a bit of confusion about the value of this card.

Now that a week has passed, the initial value seems to be settling on a price that collectors are willing to pay, especially before the official launch of the set. Many sellers have flocked to social media groups to find a quick buyer for their rare and valuable pulls, with prices that range between $1000 and $1500. On eBay, two copies sold on October 14th and 15th, with both sellers accepting offers. Now, we don’t know what the final prices were, but it’s safe to assume that they went for just under the $2,226 and $2,052 asking prices, and definitely no less than $1500. Other listed copies have a price tag of around $2000 and have several watchers on the post. There is also a copy of Ghost Omnimon up for auction on eBay, which has already reached a bid of $1231, with three days left until the listing ends. This auction could go a long way in identifying this card’s initial worth and may cause others to buy up the ‘Buy it Now’ listings if the bid gets close to the $2000 mark. 

Ghost Omnimon price

It’s important to remember that pre-release values are often much higher than those a few weeks after the official release of the set. This could mean that as more copies come on to the market, the price of Ghost Omnimon could change. Another factor that could change the value is the amound of regions that have had Double Diamond postponed because of distribution issues. Once Double Diamond boosters are readily available worldwide, we may see even more come onto the market and affect this initial $1500 – $2000 value. 

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