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Giveaway: Chilling Reign Booster Box – ENTER NOW

Chilling Reign Giveaway

To celebrate the release of Chilling Reign, Ludkins Media has decided to giveaway a booster box to one lucky reader via our Instagram account. Here’s all the information you need to enter to give yourself a chance of packing some of our top picks from Pokemon TCG’s newest set!

The Chillin Reign giveaway

It’s simple, head on over to our Instagram via the post below and enter by following @LudkinsMedia, liking the post, tagging 2 friends, and sharing the Chilling Reign giveaway on your story.

We’re going to be giving away more in the future and our Instagram is the place to be to follow all of our articles and giveaway information.

The cards

Chilling Reign is one of the most hyped Pokemon TCG sets of the year and it’s easy to see why. Here are just a few of our favourite cards from the set that you could pull from the Chilling Reign booster box we giveaway!

The alternate art legendary birds from Kanto with their new forms from Sword & Shield’s Galar region are the main draw for this set. All of the cards of these birds look awesome in Matchless Fighters but the Alternate Arts bring an extra character that makes them a must-have trio. Zapdos takes on a roadrunner-esque form as it scrambles up a mountain, Articuno has a lunar vibe, and Moltres looks sheer evil.

If the Legendary Birds weren’t enough to peak your interest then how about the set’s chase cards: Shadow and Ice Rider Calyrex.

Chilling Reign Cards
Chilling Reign Cards

Both cards were revealed in Japan alongside small comic strips that give backstory to the art. Mitsuhiro Arita’s Shadow Rider VMAX is the epitome of Chilling Reign and is based on a young trainer who believed in King Calyrex when no one else did. In the card artwork, the trainer can be seen looking out a window with a giant Calyrex VMAX galloping overhead in the night sky. On the Ice Rider side, Oswaldo Kato’s representation shows Freezington in daylight as Calyrex saves the village from a hungry Garchomp. The townspeople can be seen cheering at the bottom of the card, bringing a sense of joy that diversifies Ice Rider from the mysterious Shadow Rider variant of the Pokemon.

You can find all of our top picks from the set here.

The Chilling Reign giveaway will run until 5 pm UK time on Friday, 25th June 2021.

Head on over to our Instagram now to take part in our Chilling Reign giveaway!


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