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Giveaway: Evolving Skies Booster Box – ENTER NOW

Giveaway Evolving Skies

To celebrate the upcoming release of Evolving Skies, Ludkins Media has decided to giveaway a booster box to one lucky reader via our Instagram account. Here’s all the information you need to enter to give yourself a chance of winning one of the best Pokemon TCG sets of the year!

The Evolving Skies giveaway

It’s simple, head on over to our Instagram via the post below and enter by following @LudkinsMedia and @pallettown_pokemon, liking the post, tagging 2 friends, and sharing the Evolving Skies giveaway on your story.

We’re going to be giving away more in the future and our Instagram is the place to be to follow all of our articles and giveaway information.

The cards

Evolving Skies brings two of Japan’s most hyped expansions of the year to the English Pokemon TCG and with that some of the best alternate arts, if not the best alternate art cards we have ever seen grace the blue, yellow, and red card stock. 

Eevee Heroes was a massive success in Japan, and now we get to hunt for Eeveelutions in Evolving Skies. The alternate art V cards are a fantastic collection with Espeon and Umbreon leading the way.

In terms of Eeeveelution VMAX cards, Just like in Japanese Espeon VMAX Alternate Art will be a must-have for any collection and alongside Rayquaza VMAX Alternate Art the chase cards of the set.

Speaking of Rayquaza, the Gen 3 legendary will return as a dragon-type Pokemon as the type is reintroduced into Pokemon TCG alongside Dragonite and Noivern by Mitsuhiro Arita to name a few. 

The set is stacking up to be the best English TCG release of the year, and a must-own even with a Pokemon 25th Anniversary set lurking in its shadow.

You can find images of all the secret rares from the set here.

The Evolving Skies giveaway will run until 5 pm UK time on Friday, 27th August 2021.

Head on over to our Instagram now to take part in our Evolving Skies giveaway!


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