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Why to grade your cards in the current COVID-19 climate.

With the current global situation, turnaround times at PSA are estimated to exceed 8 months as they work through large backlogs caused by social distancing measures. With no signs of improvement in turnaround time, many collectors of the Pokémon TCG are asking themselves whether it’s currently viable to send their beloved cards on such a lengthy journey.

Despite the current waiting time, PSA grading the right cards at the right time can double or even triple their value depending on the grade outcome, an enhancement which cannot be overlooked despite the current time frame. When selling, a good PSA grade makes a potential customer much more likely to transact and at a much higher price. As well as adding to their value, the hard PSA cases also make your most prized cards much easier to display, no longer needing to be shut away in a folder or top loader.

PSA Cards
If you want to beat the wait, why not gradually grade cards on a budget every month. Ludkins Collectables has a monthly submission date allowing for gradual returns in future months. Grading in smaller batches may make the waiting easier!

For a more discerning TCG collector who accepts only top-quality cards into their collections, PSA gradings are a vital commodity, the label within the case displaying the card’s unique certification number alongside its 1-10 scale grading and vital statistics. As well as being durable, PSA cases are also sonically sealed and tamper-evident, giving any potential buyer peace of mind and security. Every graded card at PSA can also be placed into an online set registry which enters your PSA graded collections into a leaderboard, denoting them a set rating and ranking them in order of completion and overall score, a sure way to know that your collection is the best in the world.

Some cards are much rarer than others and are therefore better candidates for grading. Due to going out of print, in the past 3 months the value of the XY Evolutions set has skyrocketed with Charizard 11/108, following in its Base Set predecessor’s footsteps to be the most sought-after card in the set, along with its pre-release and reverse holo variants. In fact, any cards baring Charizard’s fiery visage are currently highly sought after, Champion’s Path’s secret rares, Charizard VMAX 074/073 and Charizard V 079/073 incredibly popular at the moment.

Other contenders for PSA grading are any shadowless or 1st edition shadowless cards from the WOTC Base Set, which were some of the first Pokémon cards ever printed. They can be identified, (as the name suggests,) by the lack of the shadow effect down the left-hand side and base of the cards’ artwork, 1st Edition Base Set Charizard being one of the most valuable Pokémon cards ever created. As well as enhancing their value, encasing these rare, out-of-print cards in a PSA slab also protects and preserves them for future generations.

PSA grading your cards is highly recommended, PSA being the most widely accepted grading standard in the trading card industry. It is a must for any serious Pokémon TCG collector or dealer, a service which enhances, protects and increases the value and desirability of your most prized cards, an outcome which I’m sure you will agree is well worth the wait.

Send your cards to PSA and leave the hassle behind by using Ludkins Collectables, the world’s no1 PSA grading service.

David Johnson

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