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Growlithe Magic Pokemon

Heritage Auctions are auctioning a German CGC 8 Unlimited Base Set Growlithe Pokemon card. At first glance, you may be wondering why this card is of any interest. However, turn the card over and you’ll spot that Growlithe has mistakenly been printed on Magic: The Gathering! card stock. 

Initially released in 1999, Wizards of the Coast were the licensed English printers for Pokemon cards. According to Heritage Auctions, “during printing, some of the sheets were mixed up at the printing facility which was later caught at the pack-out facility. This mix-up resulted in MTG-backed Pokémon cards with square-cut corners from the German Base Set Unlimited Edition 1999”.

In an upcoming interview with Rusty (TCA Gaming), I asked about this particular Growlithe as I had been informed that he had initially owned all of the 10 MTG card stock error cards known to exist. 

He said, “I got them originally from the print production manager of WotC at that time. I purchased a lot of really cool stuff from her and she informed me that there was a single sheet that ended up being destroyed”.

TSA Gaming purchased the cards for between $4 and $8. “I later sold eight of them to a guy in Germany for $300 apiece and then eventually sold the Growlithe (this specific card on HA) and the Arcanine”.

Wizard of the Coast sheets were printed in either San Diego or Dallas with the back of the card being the first part of the printing process. After this initial print, the cards were stacked and sent to a different printer (either in Chicago or North Carolina) for the front side. 

It was at this second printing location that these errors would’ve occurred as the printing manager that sold the cards initially to TCA Gaming confirmed she had found these cards when she worked in one of the pack out facilities in New York where the cards were slit and corners rounded. 

When she found the error, this caused a production halt where every card was checked for further problems. “Only German cards were affected and they were all destroyed except the ones I sold (to TCA Gaming)”.

There are 10 cards of this particular error known to exist:

* 1 x Arkani (Arcanine) Artist Ken Sugimori.

* 1 x Fukano (Growlithe) Artist Ken Sugimori.

* 2 x Hornliu (Weedle) Artist Mitsuhiro Arita.

* 4 x Nidoran Artist Ken Sugimori.

* 2 x Tangela Artist Mitsuhiro Arita.

The auction for this Growlithe error mashup between Pokemon and Magic will run until 4 April 2021. If you’re an error Pokemon TCG collector then you may want to have a look as this is the only known Growlithe card printed on MTG stock to exist.

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John-Anthony Disotto – Ludkins Media Editor-in-Chief

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