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Hidden Fates: Is It Worth Grading Your Master Set?

Hidden Fates Master Set

Let me start by saying that I believe the information stated in this article to be the most comprehensive and up-to-date pricing information (as of January 2021) on the Hidden Fates expansion on this planet. These opinions are my own and do not represent Ludkins Media.

That said, all that effort was to answer a question I’d been asking myself for the last few months:

Is it worth getting an entire Master Set graded?

When you’re thinking about getting cards graded, there are fees involved. So whether you’re grading your cards for a collection or as an investment ahead of a future sale, you have to consider how much a bulk grading shipment will set you back. When I think about grading services, my mind goes to Ludkins Collectables, so all the figures that follow will be based on their 2 services; Standard and Gold.

In the last week or so, I finally completed a Master Set of Hidden Fates, i.e. All the promo cards, normal and reverse cards as well as the GX’s and energies — basically, everything aside from the Shiny Vault. This, I feel, is the most achievable way to complete this set.

Hidden Fates

First, we need to add up the total cost of purchasing the complete set card by card. Obviously, we’re looking for the cheapest way to complete a set so opening tins would not be the most cost-effective way to do it. To get individual card prices for common and uncommon cards, I used tcgplayer.com and for cards that hold more than £1 value, I simply used eBay last sold information. All prices are based on a ‘Mint Condition’ card.

How much does it cost to complete the set?

£137.84 is all you need to complete Hidden Fates! Quite cheap right!? I can say from experience, this is quite an accurate number. I paid slightly more for mine because I had opened 3 tins to start the collection!

Now that we know how much it costs, we need to get an understanding of how much each card is worth post-grading. I narrowed it down to PSA 9 & PSA 10 because there is a significant drop-off in price any lower than that. Lesson 1, only get cards graded that you think have a shot at a 10!

PSA 9 Set Value

Now, because many of the common cards in this set have a population of 0, there is no value I can put on those cards. That said, when you add up all the PSA 9 cards that had a last sold price on psacard.com, you come to a total of £860.51! That’s not even including all the cards that have simply never been graded before!

PSA 10 Set Value

Much like the PSA 9 grades, many cards have a population of 0, in fact, more. But if you have a completed set of PSA 10 cards, their value would be £1755.99. Let’s face it, that’s not going to happen, so I’d estimate that any given master set of Hidden Fates is probably worth around £1200 in a PSA 9 & 10 graded condition.

Cost of Grading

It’s all well and good talking about these hypothetical numbers, but we’re missing a critical element, the cost of grading. When using Ludkins Collectables, you are provided with 2 services: Standard & Gold.

Their Standard service is £8.99 per card when grading 50+ cards, which in this case, is relevant to us — totalling £1312.54.

Their Gold service is £19.49 per card when grading this quantity of cards — totalling £2845.54.

Jeez… unless you’re really in a rush to get your cards back, I think opting for the Standard Service is the play.

Right, so shall we get into it?

  • Profits

If you have a PSA 9 Set, regardless of the service you use, you lose money.
Standard = -£589.87 (LOSS)
Gold = -£2122.87 (BIG LOSS)

If you have a PSA 10 Set, there is some positive news…

Standard = £305.61 (PROFIT)
Gold = -£1227.39 (BIG LOSS)

My Advice

From a collector’s standpoint, I’d say that if a ‘true’ collection to you means a complete & graded set, then you have to decide whether you want to spend the money to get them all graded or not. I’d say the majority of us don’t have the money to be doing that — so I’m going to advise that you don’t.

From an investment standpoint, it doesn’t make much sense either simply because the ONLY way you make a profit (and not a big profit either) is to have all the cards come back as a PSA 10. Very unlikely…

Here’s The Twist

The data collected provided some very interesting information. Information that could very well kick you into action right now!

When I looked through the numbers, I highlighted ONLY the cards that turned a profit and my mind was blown. This list was made up of anywhere between 12 cards — 47 cards depending on the grade and service used.

So, here are the numbers:

PSA 9 Set (Standard)
Cost of purchase: £95.44
Cost of grading: £289.71
£368.18 Profit from 29 cards
ROI 95.59%

PSA 9 Set (Gold)
Cost of purchase: £66.80
Cost of grading: £119.88
£142.98 Profit from 12 cards
ROI 76.59%

PSA 10 Set (Standard)
Cost of purchase: £103.48
Cost of grading: £469.53
£1182.98 Profit from 47 cards
ROI 206.45%

PSA 10 Set (Gold)
Cost of purchase: £98.22
Cost of grading: £787.15
£669.39 Profit from 35 cards
ROI 75.61%

If you’re not familiar with ROI, it stands for Return on Investment, and it’s the measurement all investors use to gauge whether an investment is worth making or not. So, some perspective is needed right now because these numbers are insane.

Typically, when people are investing in stocks & shares or property, good ROI yields range from 7% up to 20%, so seeing ROI numbers of 75% — 206% is incredible! I can’t stress this enough… Don’t forget to add Hidden Fates to your rental property and stocks and shares investment portfolio! It’s basically printing money!

Lewis Jackson (Pokéboomer)

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