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Hidden Fates – Why We Love It

Hidden Fates Why We Love It

Hidden Fates, a modern “mini” TCG set printed in 2019 had its fair share of hype in 2021 with multiple reprints and the release of its successor, Shining Fates. In this article, we take a look back at Hidden Fates, its popularity, and why we, as a community, love it.

A lot has been said about the appeal of shiny Pokémon and this has a major say in why people love Hidden Fates. That being said, there is more to Hidden Fates than its Shiny Vault, one of the best English subsets we’ve ever seen.

One aspect of Hidden Fates that makes it appealing to a wider audience is, unlike Shining Fates, the set focuses on the most popular Generations of Pokémon. From Shiny Vault Charmander to Ho-Oh Gx, the set is filled with fan favourites that have proven an easy point of return into the hobby for those whose passion dwindled as they grew up. This is similar to the popularity of XY: Evolutions which benefits from the nostalgia of Base Set – The early generations of Pokémon sell.

The Elite Trainer Box is the largest Hidden Fates product available, housing 10 packs and a promo card. That promo card, a stained glass effect Legendary bird trio GX, is an artistic style choice by illustrator Hyogonosuke that pushes the boundaries of recent Pokémon artwork. Whilst the value of SM210 has dipped substantially from its heights at the start of last year, the card is still a beautiful piece of modern Pokemon history and an asset to any collection.

Hidden Fates also gave collectors a huge chase card back in 2019, SV49 Charizard GX. We wrote an in-depth market analysis of this card last month that can be read here.  If you wanted to pick up a near mint copy via eBay in the UK a Charizard GX SV49 would set you back around £220-£250 at the time of writing this article. Alternatively, TCGPlayer shows the current market price for a near-mint copy as $350 (roughly £265). Back in 2019, Ludkins Collectables analysed the card estimating an average sales price of around $380 a month after the release of the set. Obviously, since then the Pokemon TCG landscape has changed drastically with an explosion of interest causing all prices to boom through the roof in 2020. Looking at Hidden Fates cards today after a few reprints over the last 24 months show that Hidden Fates Shiny Vault Charizard GX has settled near to where it began. In short, the card is a pillar of recent modern Pokemon releases and whilst the price appears to have stabilised lower than some may anticipated it’s still incredibly sought-after.

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It’s fair to say that Hidden Fates combines modern Pokémon artwork and popular Pokémon superbly, something we don’t see that often in Pokémon TCG. The Pokémon Company deserve credit for their persistence in putting some of their newest Pokémon in headline sets like last year’s Shining Fates. This emphasises what has made Pokémon so popular throughout its 25-year tenure: operating in its own space, The Pokémon Company believes in the world it has created and refuses to comply.

For those that returned to Pokémon TCG in 2020, Hidden Fates was the slightly more expensive modern set that allowed a higher point of entry than the packs they could find in their supermarkets. That means for many, Hidden Fates was the first large purchase after their return into Pokémon cards. We easily forget because of the huge prices that are normalised on a daily basis in this hobby that someone entering the scene and buying a single booster pack of Pokémon cards for over £12 is expensive. In October 2020, when someone made the jump into Pokémon TCG and wanted to spend that little bit more on a pack, they sourced Hidden Fates. That’s why, for many, Hidden Fates will always be the best modern Pokémon TCG set.

If you want to read more about Hidden Fates, you can check out our Market Analysis of SV49 Charizard GX here.

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John-Anthony Disotto – Ludkins Media Editor-in-Chief

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