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High-quality Brilliant Stars Alt Art Charizard + Gold card leaked images revealed!

Brilliant Stars leaks

Earlier this week images surfaced on social media of a brand new Charizard V alternate art card from Brilliant Stars alongside the English version of Gold Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX previously seen in Japan’s VMAX Climax.

Now, we have higher quality images showcasing the cards which have been provided by the Twitch streamer who opened these Brilliant Stars packs two months early live on stream. 

The images show us one of the best Charizard cards in recent memory acting as an almost alternate art to Charizard 276/XY-P from the Pokemon Card Game Art Collection released in 2016. In these new higher resolution images from Brilliant Stars, we can finally make out Venusaur’s menacing grin alongside the card’s full art texture as it meets Charizard in battle.

Brilliant Stars Charizard

With the reveal of Charizard V Alt Art, we can only assume that Charizard will also receive either a Charizard VMAX Alt Art or a brand new Charizard VSTAR Alt Art. Either or would be sure to bring huge levels of hype to Brilliant Stars. 

The other image, Gold Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX, which was recently released in Japanese as part of December’s High-Class VMAX Climax provides us with an interesting insight into February’s Brilliant Stars. The card itself is labelled TG30/TG30 which stands for “Trainer Gallery” and is the subset that was previously announced to include “30 special art” cards. 

Brilliant Stars Gold Urshifu

The inclusion of Gold Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX begs the question of how the other gold Pokemon cards from VMAX Climax will release in English. I suspect that the gold cards including Pikachu VMAX from VMAX Climax will get a staggered release throughout 2022 in English. If all of the gold cards from VMAX Climax were to release alongside Brilliant Stars then that would only leave room for 24 special arts which doesn’t seem to fit the bill of Pokemon’s advertising.

How do you think the Gold VMAX cards will be released across English Pokemon TCG in 2022? Pokemon TCG: Brilliant Stars releases worldwide on February 25th 2022!

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