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How is the Digimon Card Game market looking before Next Adventure?

The pre-release period for the Next Adventure booster set kicks off tomorrow, with the full release coming on March 4th. As this is the first set of the year, this introduction will change up the Digimon Card Game market after months of the same cards taking the top spots. In this article, we take a look at the current market and the most valuable booster pack cards of the game. 

Ghost Omnimon

Ghost Omnimon has been a celebrity within the Digimon Card Game since it was first released in Japan. This card is the rarest booster card in the entire game, with the pull rate being extremely low. On TCG Player, copies have been selling for $700, while the last copies to sell on eBay throughout February went for between $515 and $550. In January, three PSA 9 Ghost Omnimons went for $1025,$1200 and $1694. A PSA 10 also sold in January, going for $3850 after 71 bids. 

Digimon Card Game set
Digimon Card Game set

Omnimon Zwart Defeat (Alt Art)

Battle of Omni introduced several new Omnimon variations, with the Alternate Art Omnimon Zwart Defeat becoming the highest value card of the set. This card has kept a steady value of $65 throughout TCG Player, with the latest copies on eBay going for between $50 and $57

BeelStarmon (Alt Art)

BeelStarmon made her debut at the end of last year with the Double Diamond booster set. Being one of the SECs of the set, as well as a fan favourite within the franchise, the alternate art version of this card has become popular among collectors. Copies of this card have been selling for between $50 and $70 throughout February on eBay, with TCG Player showing values of around $65

Digimon Card Game set

Omnimon (Alt Art)

The first set released in the English game was Special Booster 1.0, which gave people the first rare cards of the Digimon Card Game. The most sought after of these cards was the alternate art Omnimon which instantly achieved a three-figure value in the early months of the TCGs release. On February 4th, a raw copy of this card sold for $84, with two copies selling for $75 and $68 on January 24th. Copies on TCG Player have been selling for slightly less, with an average value of $60.

An SGC 9.5 copy of the original Omnimon alternate art went for $151 on December 2nd, while a BGS 9 sold for $137 after 39 bids. On December 14th there was another sale of a BGS 9 for $127. We haven’t seen many 10 grades of this card sell recently, so the current top graded value is yet to be determined.  

Beelzemon (Alt Art)

The Beelzemon was another chase card from the Special Booster 1.0, showing the Demon Digimon looking incredibly cool and laid back among the ruins of a battlefield. On February 22nd, a copy of this card sold for $50, with another selling a couple of days later for $45. In February, cards on TCG Player have been selling for between $60 and $54.

Digimon Card Game set
Digimon Card Game set

Lucemon (Alt Art)

This version of Lucemon is one of the three connecting Alt Arts designed by Naochika Morishita that came with the Great Legend booster set. The last sales of this card went for $54, $58, $47 and $50, after a best offer was accepted.  TCG Player has seen higher values, with copies selling this month going for an average of $60

Analog Youth (Alt Art)

Analog Youth (Alternate Art) is an option card that came with the Classic Collection and references the Digimon World games. The last copy of this card to sell on eBay went for $70 on February 23rd, with two more selling in the same month for $62 and $54. This card has been selling for an average of $55 throughout February. 

With the Next Adventure set coming along next week, it will be interesting to see which cards will achieve the highest values. If you would like to check our thoughts on the top cards of the Next Adventure set, you can check out our article here. 

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