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How much is a PSA 10 Ultra Premium metal Charizard actually worth?

PSA 10 Metal Charizard

The Pokemon TCG: Celebrations Ultra Premium Collection has been the hottest product going over the last month with fans of Pokemon TCG queuing for hours for stores to open and prices more than doubling on the secondary market. One of the main driving points for such hype is the first mass-produced metal Pokemon cards in the form of Base Set Charizard and Pikachu. This week, PSA revealed the first PSA 10 metal Charizard and the card has already found its way onto eBay!

For those lucky enough to own a Celebrations Ultra Premium Collection, you’ll know how the packaging alongside the manufacturing process of the metal cards has led to many chips, marks, manufacturing flaws etc when opening your metal cards for the first time. That’s why it is no surprise that from the initial grading of 32 Ultra Premium Charizard cards and 17 Ultra Premium Pikachu cards (at the time of writing) there is only one PSA 10 in existence. 

PSA 10 Ultra Premium Charizard

That PSA 10 can be found at auction on eBay with over 129 bids and a current price of $12.500, an astronomical amount for a modern Pokemon card available as a promo in a retail box. Is it that surprising though? The UPC has caused mass hysteria for fans and scalpers alike with the value rising to around the £400 ($530) mark in the UK. The card itself is prone to manufacturing issues due to being mass-produced metal with many showing markings and scuffing around the metal rim where some form of the polishing process has happened. 

With new cards like this, the first thought is to claim that shill bids have artificially elevated the price. This doesn’t appear to be the case here with many of the bidders in question holding higher numbers of feedback on eBay. It could just be the case that people want this card and know that it’s likely to be a very hard card to obtain in a PSA 10. 

We don’t have any confirmation from the many grading companies that grade these cards on whether a different grading process is conducted due to these faults however from the images released by PSA of this particular PSA 10 there appear to be no manufacturing faults on display. This isn’t the first metal Pokemon card to be graded, in 2016 a 24-carat gold Pikachu was released in commemoration of the 20th Anniversary – Read more about that card here.

Taking into account the rising prices of Pokemon TCG: Celebrations Ultra Premium Collection and the difficulty of grading a metal card in Gem Mint due to the manufacturing process, how much do you think this PSA 10 metal Charizard card will sell for? 

We’ll be following this auction closely as it draws to a close in the next few days. To keep up to date with all Pokemon TCG information and more TCG news, follow Ludkins Media on Instagram and Facebook.

John-Anthony Disotto – Ludkins Media Editor-in-Chief

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