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How to enter Pokemon 25th Anniversary Golden Box lottery from outside Japan using Tenso

Yesterday, we released a news article with information on the launch of Japan’s 25th Anniversary Collection Golden Box lottery, which is live on Pokemon Center Japan until 10th October 2021. In this article, we’re going to explain how to enter the lottery to purchase a 25th Anniversary Golden Box from outside Japan by using a proxy service like Tenso.

Setting up a Tenso account couldn’t be much easier. Enter in your personal details and verify your email to gain access to your account information. From the main account portal, the first thing you need to do is submit documentation to verify your identity. This is as simple as uploading a passport image or a driving licence and waiting a few hours for Tenso to approve the documents.

Pokemon Japan Tenso

Once you’ve verified your Tenso account, the main part of your account page shows your Tenso proxy shipping address as well as a telephone number for shopping. There’s a button in the bottom right that says, “How to enter the Tenso address” click that to reveal a form in Japanese and open up a new web browser tab on Pokemon Center Japan. With all of these websites, I usually use Chrome, as there’s an option to auto-translate using Google Translate.

Pokemon Japan Tenso

Now you want to create a Pokemon Center Japan account using the shipping details provided to you by Tenso. Once you enter your email address, Pokemon Center Japan will send a temporary login that links you to a registration form for the account. As someone who doesn’t speak Japanese, I turned off translation for this part and matched up the letters on each form between Tenso and Pokemon Center Japan (this may seem tedious, but it’s actually fairly straightforward).

Once your Pokemon Center Japan account has the Tenso shipping details registered, click on this link here and scroll down to the translated link “lottery sales applicants accepted page”. After clicking that link, there should a button to apply, which will then prompt for card details. As mentioned in yesterday’s article, there will be a hold on your credit card for 17,600 Yen (roughly $160USD).

Now that you’re entered into the lottery, sit back and wait for an email result which will be sent out after August 26th 2021.

Some things to note with Tenso is that shipping costs will be higher than you’d expect as you are using a proxy service. This means that you could end up spending the price of the booster box to forward the product into your country (Tenso provides a shipping calculator on their website) and that’s without taking into account your country’s import tax. That being said, based off how difficult these booster boxes are expected to be to obtain, this method is most likely your cheapest option.

If you are one of the lucky winners, Pokemon Center Japan will ship the 25th Anniversary Golden Box to Tenso who will then notify you and provide you with shipping options.

The process is fairly straightforward, however if you do have issues feel free to leave us a comment on Instagram, and we’ll try to help out. The lottery is open for applications until 23:59pm Japan Standard Time on 10th October 2021.

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John-Anthony Disotto – Ludkins Media Editor-in-Chief 

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