Hyper Colosseum References in Digimon TCG

Hyper Colosseum

Long before the current Digimon TCG, there was Hyper Colosseum. This game blew up in Japan around the same time as the Pokemon TCG did, but fell in popularity around 2005 when the last set was released. Although Hyper Colosseum faded, its memory among fans has certainly not. Because of this, Bandai decided to take homage to their former TCG by referencing popular cards in the current game. Here are just a few of those cards.

Heir of Dragons (BT4-099) & The One who Inherits the Power of Dragons (VJ-4) 

Understandably, the name ‘The One who Inherits the Power of Dragons’ was shortened to ‘Heir of Dragons’ for the upcoming Great Legend Booster that is due to be released in late May. The artwork is extremely similar, with WarGreymon standing in front of MetalGreymon and Greymon. The new card has an oil painting style of art, with a much closer look at the three Agumon Digivolutions. 

Let’s Stop Fighting ( BT3-099 & Bo-51)

On the Digimon Hyper Colosseum version of this card, something creepy hiding within Monzaemon insists that the fighting is stopped. In the version released in Special Booster Ver.1.5, Bandai added the exact same image, only with MetalGreymon and Mamemon reacting to it. The artwork on the two additional Digimon is in the comic-book style that many Hyper Colosseum cards had. It’s worth noting that this artwork was used in the English Digi-Battle game, only the name was changed to ‘Even Steven’ and the Japanese words being said by the hidden Digimon were removed. 

Digimon Hyper Colosseum
Let’s Stop Fighting BT3-099 Bo-51
Even Steven BT3-099 Bo-51

Revived from the Darkness! (BT5-107 & Bo-162)

Both versions of ‘Revived from the Darkness!’ are very similar. The only difference is that the  cartoon Devimon, with a snot bubble coming out of his nose, has been replaced with a much creepier and detailed one. This updated version is a good homage to the old one, but does the demonic Digimon far more justice! 

revived from the Darkness! BT5-107  Bo-162
Digimon Hyper Colosseum

MetalGreymon (BT1-114 & Bo-1) 

Although the MetalGreymon SEC released in Special Booster Ver.1.0 is a direct reference to the Hyper Colosseum Bo-1 card, it is the alternate art version that looks almost identical. Even the appearance of the card text and levels have been changed to make it look more like the original Hyper Colosseum TCG of the 90s. This artwork is so nostalgic, that anyone who enjoyed Hyper Colosseum or its English counterpart, Digi-Battle, will definitely appreciate this card. 

Digimon Hyper Colosseum
MetalGreymon (BT1-114 & Bo-1)
Digimon Hyper Colosseum

A Delicate Plan (BT3-097) / Elaborate Tactics! (SP-3)

‘A Delicate Plan’, which came with Special Booster Ver.1.5, shares the same subject matter with the Japanese ‘Elaborate Tactics’ card. In both cards, you can see Agumon Digivolutions playing their own respective TCG at a table. Interestingly, the names of both cards are mirrored, as one describes a well thought out move made by WarGreymon, while the other is an over the top play made by a wide-eyed Greymon. 

Digimon Hyper Colosseum

Hidden Potential Discovered! BT3-102 & The Revelation of Hidden Power!! (Bo-303)

When it comes to these two cards, the names and the subject matter are very similar. In the Digimon Hyper Colosseum version, we see Tokomon and Wargreymon reflecting on different Digivolutions in the form of a thought bubble. The version released in Special Booster Ver.1.5, however, shows Kunemon thinking about when Stingmon was just a shy little Wormmon.

Digimon Hyper Colosseum

A hot and fierce metal storm! (BT5-103) & The Hot, Furious Metal Storm!! (SP-2) 

This next card won’t be seen in the English game for a while, as BT5, Battle of Omega, is set to release after the Great legend Booster. Both cards show MetalGarurumon and WarGreymon launching an all-out assault on their target. The new artwork looks almost identical, only modernised. 

Digimon Hyper Colosseum

Omnimon (BT1-084) Omegamon (Sx-5)

The art style of the Alternate Art SR Omimon found in Special Booster Ver.1.0, is the same as the Hyper Colosseum Omegamon. The only difference is the stance, although the Omegamon card coming in BT5 will be almost identical, much like the MetalGreymon SEC. 

Omnimon BT1-084
Omegamon Sx-5
Omegamon Sx-5

I’ll Pull You Down to the Bottom of the Ocean!! (BT4-101 & ST-110)

Until Bandai states otherwise, this card, releasing in the Great Legend Booster Set, will be called ‘I’ll Drag You Into The Depths’, which is quite similar to the name of its Hyper Colosseum counterpart. The artwork takes direct inspiration from the older one, with a poor diving Monzaemon swimming into an angry Seadramon who is ready to attack. 

I'll Pull You Down to the Bottom of the Ocean!! BT4-101
I'll Pull You Down to the Bottom of the Ocean!! BT4-101

Digi-Battle Booster Art & 2021 Sweepstakes Folder Art 

The final entry on our list is not from Hyper Colosseum, nor is it a card for that matter, but it is definitely worth a mention. The original English Digimon TCG, which was closely based on Hyper Colosseum, came in booster packs that had cards coming out of a Digivice on the graphic. When Bandai released the new Digimon TCG in January, it seems that they wanted to recreate the nostalgia of this image by putting it on the front of a promotional folder that was given away to the winners of a sweepstakes competition. The folder included six promotional alternate art cards of the original rookie Digimon from the anime series, as well as two DBS CG cards. 

With all the references found in the current Digimon TCG, it’s safe to assume that we will see more Hyper Colosseum inspiration coming through. There are many more fan favourites just waiting to get a modern overhaul, will we be seeing them in the near future? Only time will tell. To learn more about the  Hyper Colosseum TCG, head over to our article – The Downfall Of The Original Digimon Card Game

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