Illustration: Eevee Heroes – vote for your favourite!

This week’s illustration is all about the excitement surrounding the newest Japanese Pokemon TCG set, Eevee Heroes.

Starting today we’re launching another “March Madness” style poll on our Instagram. Which Eeveelution is most popular and our official readers’ choice?

You can take part by voting in the Instagram polls that pop up across the next few weeks and we’ll reveal the winner in time for the launch of Eevee Heroes on May 28th 🙂

Now what are you waiting for, head on over to our story and vote now! Stories will stay live for 24h

Officially revealed last week, more information on the set launching 28 May 2021 can be found here. What Eeveelution are you looking forward to most from the set? With more cards coming soon, see some of the best modern Eevee cards here.

Eevee Heroes

Illustration by Becky Appleyard

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