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Illustration: Evolving Skies – Battle of the VMAX

With less than a week until the release of arguably 2021’s best Pokemon TCG expansion, Roaring Skies, this week’s illustration focuses on Umbreon VMAX coming head to head with Rayquaza VMAX. Which VMAX from the set is your favourite? Let us know on Instagram. We discuss some of our favourites below!

Evolving Skies VMAX

Rayquaza Alternate Art VMAX

The chase card of Evolving Skies for many, the artwork by Anesaki Dynamic is majestic with Rayquaza hovering over a forest below. You can read about our favourite Rayquaza cards of all time here.

Best Rayquaza Cards

Eeveelution VMAX Alternate Art cards

The four VMAX cards included in the set all reappear within the secret rares with a rainbow version and an Alternate Art. Surprisingly, Sylveon and Glaceon stand out as the main chase cards here in my opinion. Both of these cards have Pokemon surrounding them, from Vaporeon on Glaceon VMAX’s ribbons to Pikachu slipping on ice in front of Glaceon VMAX. Leafeon gives across farmer vibes as it rolls wheat in a field, definitely the most lacklustre of the four, but I’m sure Leafeon fans will want this one for their collection. As for Umbreon, it’s the perfect mix of darkness and light as the giant Pokemon stares at the moon.

Duraladon Alternate Art VMAX

Duraladon may not be on many people’s favourite Pokemon list, but there’s something about its VMAX Alternate Art that has a presence. Not a card I’d buy a single of, but an illustration that makes a skyscraper Pokemon look cool has to be appreciated.

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llustration by Becky Appleyard

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