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Illustration: Greninja Gold Star joins the battle!

Last week we finally got a glimpse of Gold Star Greninja from Pokemon TCG: Celebrations, the first Gold Star release since 2007. In this week’s illustration, we decided to create a battle between some of the most beloved Gold Stars and this new shiny Greninja. What do you think of Greninja Gold Star and how does it rank up versus the classic Gold Stars from the past? Let us know on Instagram.

Greninja Gold Star

In this illustration, Greninja faces off against Espeon, Umbreon, and Gyarados using Gold Star ninja stars to fight its battle. Here’s a quick overview of the cards these Pokemon were based on:

Greninja Gold Star – Black Star Promo

Greninja Gold Star

Masakazu Fukuda, the illustrator of the original 27 Gold Star cards returns to the card type in 2021. We’re so happy this card is continuing on the tradition of older Gold Stars by using the OG illustrator and by picking one of the most popular newer generation Pokemon, Greninja, there is real hype surrounding Pokemon TCG: Celebrations Elite Trainer Box. Greninja’s black slimy skin works perfectly with the contrast of its red tongue-scarf. This card will be included as a promo in every single Celebrations Elite Trainer Box so may not be the most collectable, however, it’s a very cool card to add to your Gold Star collection. 

Gyarados Gold Star – EX Holon Phantoms

Gyarados Gold Star

Shiny Gyarados first appeared in Pokemon Gold and Silver in the Lake of Rage. Since then, we’ve seen many iterations of the Red sea monster in Pokemon TCG. This Gold Star, whilst arguably not as loved as Neo Revelations Shining Gyarados is a fantastic card to add to your collection. What sets this shiny Gyarados apart from the rest is the Delta Species mechanic which makes Gyarados a fire type Pokemon engulfed in flames. If Gyarados wasn’t cool enough…

Espeon & Umbreon Gold Star – POP Series 5

Greninja Gold Star

2021 has been the year of the Eeveelutions, thanks to Eevee Heroes in Japan and Evolving Skies in English. These shiny variants of gen 2’s Eeveelutions are some of the most popular Gold Stars thanks to Espeon’s vibrant green colour and the contrast between Umbreon’s black fur with the gold star writing and gold print on its head. Umbreon is quite possibly our favourite Gold Star of all time!

If you want to find out more about Gold Star cards in general you can check out our article on their history here

llustration by Becky Appleyard

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