Illustration: No more Pokemon at Target

Last week, Target stores across North America removed sports cards and Pokemon cards from their shelves in an attempt to prevent scalping and danger to their staff after violence ensued in a parking lot outside one of their stores. This week’s illustration shows our resident scalper in the midst of purchasing other trading cards in order to fuel their obsession with making a quick buck.

What do you think of our illustration? What is the funniest product you’ve seen someone trying to buy to make a quick turnover throughout this year of crazy trading card euphoria?

Target Pokemon

To read more about the issues plaguing trading cards in North America and beyond, read our article related to Target’s Pokemon TCG announcement here.

To read an alternative opinion on scalping, check out DJGigabyte’s guest article here

Last week, there was some controversy surrounding the botting exploits of Western buyers manipulating the pre-order system to assure they acquired the ‘Eevee’ Heroes set. To read more, check out our article – Eevee Heroes Japanese Release Botted by Resellers.

Illustration by Becky Appleyard

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