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Illustration: Pokemon TCG 25th Anniversary Charizard

Last week we saw the first images of Pokemon TCG’s 25th Anniversary Pikachu cards including a four-piece V-UNION card that combines to showcase 25 Pikachu’s in 25 artist styles. When Pokemon TCG: Celebrations was first announced the press release mentioned a remake of Base Set Charizard. After seeing Arita’s famous red cheek’s Base Set Pikachu we got the idea to put together our version of 25th Anniversary Charizard.

25th anniversary charizard

If this card was to exist, where would it rank in terms of your favourite Charizard artwork? This would be the perfect way to push the hype for Pokemon TCG: Celebrations to a whole new level! With Pokemon reprinting classic artworks for the 25th Anniversary sets as well as reimagining our childhood nostalgia this Charizard card could be a real possibility. Would you like to see a Full Art Base Set Charizard?

Illustration by Becky Appleyard

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