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Illustration: Pokemon TCG 25th Anniversary set – Artwork reimagined

Last week we revealed information surrounding Pokemon’s 25th anniversary TCG set including information on reimagined Pokemon artwork. This week’s illustration shows a Base Set Charizard and a VMAX Charizard ready for battle.

Pokemon 25th anniversary set

The translation of the information(by Twitter user @toinelay) we revealed last week highlights key points from the Pokemon 25th Anniversary set releasing on October 22nd 2021:

Pokemon 25th Anniversary Collection

Looking back on 25 years of Pokémon TCG history,
A commemorative product that fans can’t miss!

① Gorgeous cards worthy of representing 25 years of history

Emblematic Pokémon from each block’s first set, with conceptual artworks calling back to their respective eras’ atmosphere. All cards in this set are holographic.

② An easy to complete, newcomer-friendly 28-cards Pokemon 25th Anniversary Set

With 28 cards to collect, this set is a good opportunity for casual fans to start enjoying collecting.

③ Combine with promo cards for a double collection experience

Cards from the past make a comeback in Promo Packs distributed through a promotion campaign. With this set and these promos, enjoy a double collection experience!

Are you Team Base Set or Team VMAX? What would you like to see reimagined in the Pokemon 25th anniversary set, how about a full art version of Arita’s original masterpiece?

Can you spot the reference to a famous meme?

Illustration by Becky Appleyard

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