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Illustration: Team Rocket and the Celebrations leaks

Over the last few weeks, Pokemon TCG: Celebrations has been subject to image leaks, packs, and cards selling on eBay, and booster pack openings on YouTube. This week’s illustration shows Team Rocket finally getting their hands on Pikachu as they escape with stolen cards from Pokemon’s printing facility.

Pokemon TCG Celebrations leaks

We’ve avoided all Pokemon TCG: Celebrations product leaks, as these are fundamentally different to the usual images we provide. We would normally report Japanese cards when they start to appear on auction sites, normally one day before the official release. In this instance, these cards and packs have appeared physically in the wild two months before the official release.

As a community, it’s normal to get excited about upcoming products and cards. That being said, by advertising and discussing these particular products, we are giving a platform to individuals that have potentially obtained these cards and packs illegally.

By reporting on this information, not only would we be putting our reputation at risk, but also ruining a special expansion that has lovingly been put together to celebrate our love for Pokemon.

Image leaks are one thing, they provide us with hype. Selling stolen goods that have miraculously appeared online from “flea markets” should be scrutinised and called out. Let’s get excited about the 25th Anniversary and Pokemon TCG: Celebrations and remember, don’t be a Team Rocket.

Illustration by Becky Appleyard

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