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Is Celebrations Disrespecting Older Cards?

Reveals for Celebrations and its associated promos are well underway, with the leaks becoming official, and some nice high-quality images to get us all excited for the set. One major theme of the set is looking back over the previous 25 years of Pokemon and giving us some new cards in the style of older cards. So far these include Light Toxtricity, Zacian Lv. X, and of course, Greninja Star.

Amongst the hype and discussion of these cards, one discussion has been rearing its head. Do these new cards somehow ruin or disrespect the original cards?


One of the big draws towards collecting these older cards, particularly gold stars, is the exclusivity of the cards. Only 27 Gold Star cards were ever released, and none were ever as simple as “buy this product, get a Gold Star” as the new Greninja is. Greninja (along with all Celebrations related promos) also features the 25th Anniversary logo on the card, making it stand out from the already existing cards.

Now I fully understand why some people may not be happy to add these to their existing collections and prefer to keep it to just the originals. But ruining the old cards? Being disrespectful? Obviously not. For a start, they are still being made by the same people who made the originals. This isn’t Disney rebooting and changing The Muppets after Jim Henson died, this is a company paying tribute to its own history.

I personally believe that these cards will be great for the collecting hobby. As we all know, a huge number of collectors have entered the hobby in the last year or two, and Celebrations and the associated promos are a fantastic way for them to experience a lot of the things they have missed over the last 25 years. To let them see how things look before deciding where to go with their collection. They will likely be becoming the first step towards newer collectors completing their own sets of these cards that we love so much.


The cards also fit nicely into another collection. The 25th Anniversary collection. Across the whole year we have seen many different cards released featuring the 25th Anniversary logo, including the cereal promos and McDonalds promos, and these new cards fit very nicely into that. The fact that these cards are also not tournament legal is a huge bonus in terms of not having to work against players in order to obtain them.

The idea that these cards could have been in anyway disrespectful to the older cards is definitely a symptom of a much larger problem of gatekeeping within the hobby. So often discussion around cards falls to the side to discuss whether someone is a “true collector”, or if they “deserve” a card. It’s an ugly look for the hobby and only serves to drive people away and keep the hobby stagnant.

Personally, I do like the cards and think that anyone who believes them to be “disrespectful” needs to realise that no one is going to force them to collect them if they do not wish, and that they can be an overall positive for the hobby.

Dan Norton – DJGigabyte

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