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Is Espeon VMAX coming to Fusion Strike?

Espeon VMAX Fusion Strike

Espeon VMAX Alternate Art is rumoured to be part of November’s English Pokemon TCG expansion, Fusion Strike. This would mean the long-awaited Japanese exclusive promo card from Eevee Heroes “Eeveelution set” Collection box would finally make its way to the West. 

Rumours have begun to circulate on YouTube and other social media platforms that the long-awaited psychic Eeveelution artwork by Kouki Saitou is in fact on its way to the English Pokemon TCG. Multiple distributors in South America are reporting that this card will, in fact, be part of the Mew themed booster expansion.

Espeon VMAX Fusion Strike

This would be fantastic news for Eeveelution collectors who are currently unable to complete a full set of Eeveelution VMAX alternate arts in English. Obviously, like everything we report at Ludkins Media, we’ll update this article once we have factual evidence. That being said it would make sense considering the three Japanese lottery Eeveelution cards are making their way into Premium Collection Boxes this December, leaving Espeon VMAX as the only omission to the eight card collection.  

We’ve discussed Kouki Saitou’s Espeon VMAX in the past when its initial release led to a huge influx of popularity directed towards the exclusive Eeveelution Set Collection Box amid queues at Pokemon Centers across Japan. 

Eevee Heroes Espeon VMAX

With over 260 cards, Fusion Strike will be one of the largest expansions we’ve ever seen (we’ll need to wait for confirmation to know if it eclipses Cosmic Eclipse as the biggest Pokemon TCG set of all time). Earlier this week we ranked our top 5 cards from Japanese Fusion Arts which will likely be part of this set including Mew VMAX and Gold Flaaffy. 

If these rumours are to be correct then Fusion Strike would certainly continue the great success of Pokemon’s English TCG expansion releases for 2021 after Evolving Skies brought us one of the best sets in years.

Are you excited about Fusion Strike? If these reports are correct, would the inclusion of Espeon VMAX make you buy a box of Fusion Strike?

You can check out the rumoured information here.

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John-Anthony Disotto – Ludkins Media Editor-in-Chief

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