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Is the Digimon TCG Gift Box worth buying?

Although things seem to be winding down for the Digimon TCG as the year draws to a close, we still have the Classic Collection to look forwards to. This set will pay homage to the classic artwork seen in the Digi-Battle and Hyper Colosseum card games that many of you may remember from the early 2000s. Although booster packs will still be available from booster boxes, they with also be included in the Digimon TCG Gift Box which will arrive just in time for the festive period. 

Digimon TCG Gift Box

The Contents of the Gift Box

Booster Packs – 

Four booster packs will come with the Digimon TCG Gift Box, each having 12 cards in each. There will be 73 different types of cards to collect in this set, which is made up of 26 commons, 20 uncommons, 18 rares, 8 super rares and just one secret rare.  As this is a smaller set, I think four booster packs is a nice amount to have in a gift set like this, although having an alternate art from the set would have been nice as the free promotional card.

The Promo –

The promotional card selected, which will be visible through the plastic of the gift box, is the BT2-065 alternate art WarGreymon that will also be the only box topper coming with the Classic Collection booster boxes. Only having one variation to collect is a little disappointing, as up to now, we have had a variety of box toppers to collect which makes buying booster boxes more appealing. 

Digimon TCG Gift Box

Memory Counters and Case – 

What excites me most about the Digimon TCG Gift Box is the LCD theme memory counter case, in which you can put your included memory counters inside. There will be four to collect in total, with each one displaying four sprites of rookie form Digimon. This does encourage people to buy at least four Gift Boxes if they want to complete the set. I hope we may see more of these counters being released in the future, along with other Digivice case designs to collect. 

Digimon TCG Gift Box

Memory Gauges – 

What is the use of nice big memory counters if you don’t have a worthy memory gauge to use them with? Luckily, the Digimon TCG Gift Box will come with two large memory gauges. I am unsure if these gauges will have designs reflecting the counter included, as the Digimon TCG website shows the Agumon Digivolution as an example. If this is the case, I would love to use my Gomamon counter with some Ikkakumon and Vikemon artwork on display. 

So is the Digimon TCG Gift Box worth buying? 

The price of the Digimon TCG Gift Box will be around $25, which when you consider a single booster pack costs $4, you will get all the nice extra bits for $9 after deducting the value of the boosters inside. For the counter case, collectable counter, gauges and promo, I think that is fair. As mentioned previously, having more promos/box toppers to collect would have been a nice touch, but I can’t see it being a deal-breaker for those wanting to buy this gift box. 

The Digimon TCG Gift Box will release in Europe, Oceania and Latin America in December, which is suspected to coincide with the Classic Collection release date of December 3rd. Unfortunately, North America will have to wait until January to receive their products, as was the case with the Double Diamond booster, which was pushed back to November 26th. 

Cards included in booster packs of the Digimon TCG gift box will have the original reference book artwork used in the Japanese exclusive Hyper Colosseum TCG. Although each card in this set looks incredibly nostalgic, it is the Alternate art versions that look almost indistinguishable from the originals and capture the style of its iconic predecessor. 

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