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Is the Nat Champ ‘Goku Black & Zamasu’ worth $15000?

A Metal ‘Goku Black & Zamasu/Fused Zamasu’ prize card has recently gone up for sale on the PokemonRadar Instagram account for an eyewatering $15000, with offers being considered. Although the metal prize cards are some of the rarest and most sought after cards in the entire DBS CG, is this one really worth $15000?

Bandai began awarding top players metal prize cards back in 2018 at the National Championship. ‘Ultimate Lifeform Cell’ was awarded to players placing in 32nd to 17th place, while ‘Long Odds SS4 Son Goku’ was given to those ending in 16th to 4th place. Initially, these cards were only for US events but after an avalanche of complaints, they were later released in six other regions. In 2020, Bandai decided to stop the metal prize cards altogether but still offered unique prize cards for winners

Goku Black & Zamasu/Fused Zamasu, Supreme Strike 

The silver ‘Goku Black & Zamasu/Fused Zamasu, Supreme Strike’ was given out during the 2019 National Championship to players who earned a 16th to 4th place in the tournament. Because this card was only available in five English language regions, there are only 65 copies of this card in the world. This kind of incredible rarity will always come with a high price tag and $15000 seems fair, especially considering the history and achievement behind it. 

Metal cards achieving a PSA 10 isn’t that impressive for one simple reason – all metal prize cards achieve PSA 10s because of their quality. This doesn’t mean that grading them is pointless, as getting it authenticates it, which gives the buyer peace of mind when investing. 

Goku Black & Zamasu

The last ‘Goku Black & Zamasu/Fused Zamasu’ metal prize card to sell publicly was in December 2020 for $3,200. This means that if this card does sell for the asking price, the value of it has increased by $11,800 in just over eight months. In the last six months, we have seen a boom in card values, but would that justify an almost 80% increase? Although the sale of this card would be huge, it is by no means the biggest of the year. In June, PWCC Marketplace sold a Beckett Black Label ‘Son Goku, The Awakened Power’ for $90,000, setting a new sales record for the DBS CG. 

To learn more about the Metal prize cards, click here.

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