Ishihara GX – A closer look at the Pokemon president’s birthday promo

Ishihara GX

When this incredibly rare Ishihara GX card portraying The Pokemon Company’s president Tsunekazu Ishihara sold at Goldin Auctions for $247,000 last year we got an insight into one of the rarest modern Pokemon TCG cards of all time. In this article, we go through the history of this rare birthday card, a card you may have never seen before.

If you’ve ever watched a Pokemon Direct or any Nintendo event with Pokemon information then you’ll be aware of Ishihara as he speaks from his desk surrounded by Pokemon merchandise and plush toys. A legend across the Pokemon landscape he was instrumental in bringing Pokemon Go to light after 2014’s Pokemon Google April fools prank as well as working on the original Red and Green GameBoy games.

Ishihara GX
Ishihara GX

Ishihara GX showcases Tsunekazu Ishihara with a Master ball in hand and a Room by his side. The card’s moves include 60 Congratulations!GX which deals 1060 damage and offers players to flip 60 coins with each heads rewarding a present, sounds like a pretty good deal! 

The Ishihara GX card was distributed in 2018 at the Pokemon World Championships in Nashville, Tennessee. Reports state that Ishihara hosted a private event for his 60th birthday and gave out the card as a thank you to employees and executives at the event, this means that the total print run is unknown. According to PSA’s population report, there are currently nine graded TPCi01 (Ishihara GX) with only one PSA 10 in existence.

No one knows the actual number of these cards in existence and arguably it doesn’t receive as much recognition as it deserves due to the impact that Ishihara has had on Pokemon. YouTuber Leonhart owns a Near Mint – Mint PSA 8 copy that we have timestamped below so you can see the card in video form. 

What do you think of this special birthday Ishihara GX promo card?

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