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Japan’s Pokemon TCG 25th Anniversary Golden Box lottery is live! Don’t pay crazy prices!

The hype behind Japanese Pokemon cards is at fever pitch in the lead up to October’s 25th Anniversary Collection, which will release in English as Pokemon TCG: Celebrations. Now, Pokemon Japan’s lottery system that they use for many of their high-demand releases has launched a Pokemon 25th Anniversary Golden Box lottery (the Japanese equivalent to English’s Ultra Premium Collection), running until October 10th 2021.

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The Japanese version of this expansion is expected to be difficult to obtain, as Japanese products in general have seen limited supply in recent months as more and more collectors opt to try out Japanese Pokemon cards over their English counterparts. That being said, this highly in demand special “Golden Box” which includes Golden Pikachu and Pokeball cards as well as some other exclusive goodies will be more widely available than we were initially led to believe.

The 25th Anniversary Golden Box will in fact be made for an extended period of time regardless of whether you win this lottery or not. On the entry page, Pokemon Japan have stated that the 25th Anniversary Golden Box will be available on a build-to-order status from Spring 2022. This means that if all goes to plan, we should be able to buy a special Golden Box for retail leading up to a release in Winter 2022. This is fantastic news for collectors as there was a real worry that these boxes would be far too exclusive to obtain.

The lottery allows customers to enter for a chance to purchase a booster box of Pokemon’s 25th Anniversary Collection alongside four Anniversary Edition packs which include one of 25 different reprints such as Birthday Pikachu, Venusaur, or Imposter Professor Oak.

To apply, customers must have a registered address in Japan. For those of you outside Japan, proxy shipping services such as Tenso exist to allow for you to take part. Once signed up, there is a hold placed on your credit card for approximately 17,600 Yen, if your application is unsuccessful, the money returns to your account.

In May, Pokemon Japan ran a lottery for the incredibly popular Eevee Heroes Eeveelutions set, which included two booster boxes alongside a highly sought-after Espeon VMAX promo card. It’s fair to say that we expect this lottery application program to be even more difficult to win. That being said the prospect of the Golden Box being available on a build-to-order basis in Spring 2022 makes this product far more accessible in the long run.

With the hype around Pokemon TCG’s 25th anniversary and the Celebrations set building, you can take a look at our favourite cards from the set here. If you don’t manage to secure a box, remember that there will be alternative options, and paying huge scalper prices on eBay may not be the best route to go down.

Will you be entering Pokemon Japan’s 25th Anniversary Golden Box lottery? Let us know!

Enter the 25th Anniversary Golden Box lottery now!

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