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Logan Paul announces Instagram Pokemon box break!

Logan Paul has announced his next 1st Edition Base Set Pokemon TCG booster box break, taking place on May 20th 2022 live on Instagram.

Each of the 36 packs are being auctioned via Goldin with prices circulating around the $4000 mark with roughly 24 hours to go, way off the astronomical auction prices of his break last year. Each auction winner will appear on Logan’s Instagram Live and receive the contents of a 1st Edition Base Set Booster pack from the live opening.

Back in February 2021, the average pack sale via Goldin for Logan Paul’s Pokemon Day box break was $40,000 – an astonishing amount mostly paid by cryptocurrency businesses wanting a callout by the influencer. 

Logan Paul pokemon 2022

The description of the auctions state that “Any holographic cards drawn during the break will receive expedited grading by PSA. If your holographic card receives a “10,” it will include the “Logan Paul Break” premium tag on the PSA slab.”

Logan Paul has been in Pokemon TCG news throughout the last two years most notably when he purchased six First Edition Base Set Booster Boxes for $2 million last year. 

This year, Logan purchased the infamous fake sealed case of Pokemon TCG 1st Edition booster boxes for a whopping $3 million only to find out that inside were G.I Joe cards and more recently he broke the record for a private sale when he purchased the only PSA 10 Pikachu Illustrator in the world for $5.25 million.

It will be very interesting to see how well these packs for his upcoming box break sell at auction as the Pokemon TCG market has definitely slowed down since February 2021. That being said, casual investors seem to be his target audience with individuals wanting to hear their name called out to Logan’s 20 million subscribers as they pack another Imposter Oak. 

Do you think these packs will sell well and if so what impact will Logan Paul’s break in 2022 have on the coming months in Pokemon TCG?

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John-Anthony Disotto – Ludkins Media Editor


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