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Logan Paul announces Pokemon 1st edition Base set box break giveaway!

Logan Paul Whatnot

Logan Paul has revealed his next Pokemon TCG 1st Edition Base set box break in collaboration with Whatnot which takes place on December 25th at 4 PM ET/1 PM PT. This will be his third-ever Pokemon TCG event, this time with a twist.

Open to all residents of the United States of America, Logan Paul in collaboration with Whatnot are giving way every single pack from the most coveted Pokemon TCG product in history to 36 lucky viewers. 

Logan Paul Whatnot

Earlier this week, Logan Paul revealed a $3.5 million purchase of a sealed 1st Edition Base set case (box of 6 booster boxes) which is potentially the only sealed case from 1999 still in existence. In the reveal video he showcased the box alongside the five 1st Edition Base set boxes he purchased earlier this year in a $2 million deal.

This announcement of a Christmas giveaway via the Whatnot app comes as a bit of a shock considering Logan Paul’s last break in February saw packs auctioned for an average of $40,000 and received criticism from the community due to its ties with Cryptocurrencies. 

At the time of writing it is unknown whether this box is provided by Whatnot or is one of Logan’s 11 1st Edition Base set booster boxes from his personal collection. We’ll update this article once we find out more on the matter.

As for our US readers, this is a massive opportunity to win a 1st Edition Base set pack that could lead to life-changing pulls such as 1st Edition Charizard. The Whatnot FAQ also highlights that all holos pulled from the event will receive fast-tracked grading via PSA. Could you be one of the lucky winners?

As for the rest of the world, I think it’s fair to say that we can continue to dream of our Christmas miracle. 

Read more about Logan Paul’s giveaway in collaboration with Whatnot here!

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