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Logan Paul appears on Instagram live to discuss “fake” Pokemon claims – Livestream chaos

Last night, the Pokemon TCG community on Instagram was subject to one of the weirdest Instagram live video calls you could imagine. What started as a discussion between Michael Goldstein (@thepokejew) and Pallet Town Pokemon (@pallettown_pokemon_tcg) alongside Gary and Logan Paul descended into some Island boys chaos.

Initially, the call was to discuss accusations surrounding the validity of Logan Paul’s $3.5 million 1st Edition Base Set case (6 booster boxes). This led to the addition of Gary Haase “King Pokemon” and Logan Paul himself to try and give more insight into the ongoing situation. 

There are a few key points that we got to take away from the call. First of all, Logan trusted the Baseball Card Exchange authentication and therefore never seemed any help from any Pokemon TCG collectors before making the record purchase. In the call, Logan was also surprised to find out that his case (real or fake) is not the only one in existence as Gary Haase owns an open case which he holds in storage. 

What we can gather from the conversation, which doesn’t shed too much light on the situation but does show a general interest from all parties to find out the true origins of the box, is that Logan is going to likely open the box when he flies to Chicago to discuss the matter with BBCE this weekend. 

Logan asked the other members of the live “Will opening the box affect the value?” To which Gary replied stating that if anyone was to drop $3.5 million on a sealed box they would want 100% assurance that the box is in fact legitimate. The full interaction between Logan Paul and the rest of the live was brief but did indeed show us all that he is genuine towards this matter and does want to get answers. 

After Logan’s 5 minute appearance, TikTok’s Island Boys joined the party causing an awkward conversation where they voiced their disdain towards Logan after their appearance on his podcast last month. The livestream was quickly shut down however you can check out a replay on @thepokejew Instagram for an evening chuckle. 

Logan Paul Island Boys

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