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Logan Paul Box Break Sells For Over $1 Million

Logan Paul Box Break Auction

The auction for Logan Paul ’s Pokémon First Edition Base Set Booster Box break has ended with single pack final bids ranging from $36,000 to $44,000.

Considering a $40,000 average per pack and the further 12 packs he will sell for cryptocurrency at this average cost, his box break is now valued at an estimated $1.4 million. 

Logan Paul purchased six First Edition Base Set Booster Boxes for $2 million earlier this month, meaning that he has quadrupled the value of one of his single boxes by auctioning packs via Goldin Auctions.

The packs include a shout-out to his 20 million plus followers and a Holographic “1st Break” Logan Paul Trading Card NFT (digital collectible) distributed in partnership with BONDLY.

Obviously, the scale of the event has played a part in the huge price rise as people pay to take part in a historic livestream. That being said, what does this mean for the future value of these “Holy Grail” boxes? 

Logan set a then-record when he purchased a booster box for $200,000 in October. Weeks later, through the sale of his packs for his charity box break at $11,111, the same boxes started to sell for closer to $400,000. In January, a First Edition Base Set Booster Box sold at auction for a world-record fee of $408,000.

Logan’s Booster Box Break in partnership with Goldin Auctions takes place on 27 February, which is Pokémon Day 2021. Yesterday The Pokémon Company announced an exciting Pokémon Day virtual concert with rapper Post Malone and a hint at further announcements throughout the coming weeks.

Who knows what’s in store for Pokémon TCG this year, one thing is for sure: the values of cards and sealed products look to be going through the roof as The Pokémon Company aims to build excitement for their 25th Anniversary. What impact will this event’s auction prices have on the coming months?

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John-Anthony Disotto – Ludkins Media Editor


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