“Logan Paul Break” Charizard – An interview with Wil Creasy

Logan Paul Charizard

Logan Paul’s impact on Pokemon since his first box break of a 1st Edition Base Set booster box in October 2020 cannot be understated. Over the last eight months he’s purchased six more of those boxes valued at around $2 million and opened another box where packs sold for $40,000 on average

In the realm of Pokemon TCG collecting, no card has received widespread media attention in the same way as 1st Edition Base Set Charizard. Growing up some of us had one and others could only dream of owning a fire lizard. In 2021, the hopes of owning a 1st Edition Base Set Charizard in any condition are a pipe-dream for many. One man, however, not only has a First Edition Base Set Charizard but a trio of PSA 10 Kanto starters like no other – This is the story of Wil Creasy (Pokewizard96), a collector from Australia with “Logan Paul Break” cards that epitomise the COVID-19 pandemic boom.

It’s the start of May, and I’ve sat down with Wil on Zoom to discuss his journey and connection to both Logan Paul box breaks that now have over 16 million views combined on YouTube. Just a few days earlier, UnlistedLeaf (2 million+ subscribers on YouTube) flew across Australia to Perth to unveil Wil’s PSA 10 trio of Venusaur, Charizard, and Blastoise all with a unique Logan Paul Break tag on their slabs. These specific cards are the only PSA 10 copies related to Logan Paul in existence, making their ties to an infamous time in Pokemon card collecting second to none. 

Let’s talk a little bit about the process. When did you first come in contact with Logan?

 “I guess I’ll start with the box. I got that around August 2018 for a much lower price, it’s crazy how times have changed. I didn’t have any contact with Logan at all until October 2020. I saw his video where he was promoting the packs for the first break and being the collector I am I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss the train. So I jumped on it as quickly as I could.”

“I was probably the hastiest I’ve ever been for anything, I was willing to risk the biscuit for three packs, it ended up being very popular and sold out very quickly.”

“I managed to secure two packs, one ended up being the Venusaur (that would later grade a PSA 10) and the other a Chansey. Because I packed two holos, Logan reached out to ask if I wanted the “Logan Paul Break” pedigree should the cards grade a 10 with PSA. At that time, I didn’t know anything about this but I thought it was a cool idea and the rest is history.”

Not only was Wil part of Logan’s first break, but he also helped the YouTuber in his pursuit of purchasing more. 

After the first break, Wil decided to launch an Instagram page to showcase his collection to those reaching out after hearing his name on the stream. It was at this point Logan spotted his account and a picture showing his prized possession, a 1st Edition Base Set Booster box. Logan reached out and Wil sold his box for $250,000 USD.

“I was hesitant to sell it because this was the one thing I never wanted to sell. I knew the rarity of what I had, how difficult they were to find in 1999 in America, let alone Australia. It was tough to give it away but I was hoping for a bright future with it and I guess more content with him. For me, it was Logan Paul, and as I was part of his first historic break it just felt right.”

After selling your box to Logan what was the thought process with getting involved in the $40,000 pack break? 

“So with the first break, I felt pure excitement. It was just me wanting to be a part of history. So funnily enough there was like no social media interest at that stage. It was only really my friends and my girlfriend expressing to me that well you’ve got to prepare yourself just in case something crazy happens. You know when that Venusaur was pulled I hadn’t done any posts, that was the very first time I posted on my Instagram account. I got a huge influx of followers in a short space of time so it was from then on that I realised there’s a social media advantage here and I just didn’t fathom any sort of status that I could develop from being in this first break it was literally just that I wanted to be a part of something big. The second break though was more focused on the fact that I had started this journey with Logan and there was a lot of history there. So with the box, it was more like let’s try and make something out of this and also try and get another holo.”

In the second box break, Wil’s pack was one of two from the box containing a 1st Edition Base Set Charizard. Not only that but his Charizard graded a 10 with PSA making it an extremely rare 1 of 1 with the “Logan Paul Break” Pedigree.

Logan Paul Charizard
Wil’s 1 of 1 Trio

To complete the holy trinity, Wil needed one more card – a Blastoise PSA 10 “Logan Paul Break” owned by YouTube’s biggest philanthropist, MrBeast.

Can you talk me through the process of sorting out a deal with MrBeast? Do you think it was easier because he isn’t a Pokemon collector?

“It was one of the easiest situations funnily enough to deal with. I had to reach out to Logan to check if I could buy from MrBeast as I had heard he would be keen to sell. It was all super easy, Logan sorted the whole thing for me and that was that, I had the trio of starter evolutions.”

Owning the one-of-a-kind trio has put Wil’s collection on the map. The whole process has led to collaborations with Ando (UnlistedLeaf) showcasing further aspects of his collection as well as over 10,000 followers on Instagram thanks to posts from Logan himself. Wil’s strategy with buying into the famous box breaks looks to have paid off not only thanks to his pulls but the decisions he’s made since receiving the cards in person. 

With Logan Paul fighting Floyd Mayweather, one of the greatest boxers of all time, at the start of June we may have some time to wait until he delves back into the Pokemon TCG landscape. Logan himself still has 5 sealed 1st Edition booster boxes, this begs the question: could we see another PSA 10 “Logan Paul Break” 1st Edition Base Set Charizard in the future?

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