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Logan Paul’s Pokemon Day Box Break – Everything You Need to Know

logan box break

YouTube star Logan Paul celebrated Pokemon Day in style, opening up a 1st Edition Base Set Pokemon booster box live on stream. The box was a “box break,” in which individuals bid on individual packs to be opened. 24 packs were auctioned off on Goldin Auctions, and each pack sold for an average of $38,500. The remaining 12 were sold for cryptocurrency for the same average price. The stream peaked at over 250,000 viewers on YouTube, a massive number for a live Pokemon event. 

Paul’s box break was incredibly strong. He pulled two Charizard holos, both of which looked to be in immaculate mint condition. Paul also pulled a Venusaur and a Blastoise to complete the starter trio. Three Chansey holos were also pulled for break participants. Chansey is one of the hardest to obtain holos in PSA 10 for 1st Edition Base Set, with a population under 20. Other holographic cards pulled in the box included two Raichus, Alakazam, Mewtwo and Gyarados. 

charizard pull

Prices quoted on stream were often cited as the PSA 10 valuation. Whether the cards actually attain PSA 10s is yet to be seen, however obtaining 10s even on pack-fresh cards is not easy. Despite this, opening the cards directly from packs gives the best possible shot at the top PSA grade. All holographic cards pulled will receive express grading via PSA, and holos which achieve the PSA 10 grade will be labeled with a special “Logan Paul Break” pedigree.

Many individuals who purchased packs used their shoutout to promote their businesses and services, which supports the idea that the high prices paid for packs were partially a result of individuals using the pack purchase as advertising. However, not all purchasers promoted themselves or their business. The previous owner of the box, TCA Gaming, purchased a pack and used his shoutout to express his love for his wife and kids. 

It remains to be seen whether Paul will continue to run 1st Edition Base Set Box Breaks, however his recent purchase of six 1st Edition Base Set boxes instantly makes him one of the largest holders of such items in the world. Only time will tell what happens next!

Ethan Pohl – Ludkins Media

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