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Logan Paul purchases $3.5 million Pokemon case (6 booster boxes)

Logan Paul pokemon case

Logan Paul has finally jumped back into the world of Pokemon TCG by announcing the purchase of a full case of Pokemon 1st Edition Base set booster boxes for an astronomical $3.5 million.

The news comes nearly a year on from his purchase of six individual boxes for a total of $2 million. He revealed the authenticated case via his Twitter stating, “Just dropped $3.5 million on this sealed & authenticated box of 1st Edition Pokemon cards”.

Logan Paul Pokemon Case

The case, currently the only one known to be in existence was sold by @Shyne150 who initially bought the case back in April. In April, we reported on the deal stating it had a value of over $2 million, this has now been confirmed as a $2.7 million transaction.

By spending $3.5 million on this highly exclusive sealed case of six 1st edition Base set booster boxes, Logan Paul has now put his name in history as the buyer of the most expensive public Pokemon TCG deal of all time. Love him or hate him he sure knows how to put Pokemon TCG in the news…

With a worldwide hobby like Pokemon TCG, it’s always difficult to determine the population whether that be highly sought-after trophy cards or booster boxes. That being said, this case is the first to be revealed during the spike in popularity of the hobby within the last two years.

This begs the question, how many of these cases are in existence? The parties involved state that this box is one of a kind. This can neither be confirmed nor denied yet with the continued rise in the rarity of these 1999 boxes the chance of finding a sealed certified case is almost impossible.

This article will be updated with more information on this $3.5 million Pokemon TCG deal as it is released.

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