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Logan Paul to verify $3.5 million 1st Edition Pokemon Trading Card case

Logan Paul fake pokemon

Logan Paul has announced on Twitter that he’ll be flying to Chicago this weekend to discuss the authenticity of the Pokemon Trading Card Game 1st Edition Base Set booster box case he purchased in December for $3.5million that has since come under immense scrutiny surrounding the contents inside. 

In Chicago, Logan Paul will meet up with Steve Hart who is the owner of Baseball Card Exchange, the company that authenticated and verified the Pokemon case before it was sold to Shyne150 for $2.7million back in April 2021. Shyne150 would later go on to sell the authenticated case to Logan Paul for an $800,000 profit. 

Questions had been asked about the validity of this 1st Edition Base set case long before Logan Paul was part of the conversation. Back in April 2021, Florida-based card shop, The Meelypops alongside his friend Cardkahuna sourced this extremely rare case from eBay in Canada. The pair then documented the story of the case on their Youtube channel via The Card Shop Show. After the release of this video, we removed the initial news story due to the lack of fundamental information needed to fully verify the case. 

After Logan Paul revealed the purchase of the case questions started to spring up again surrounding the legitimacy of the product. E4 member Rattle Pokemon uploaded a YouTube video last week and worked on an article in collaboration with Pokébeach explaining why they believe the case is falsified. That article can be read here.

With Logan Paul set to fly out to Chicago to discuss the verification process with BaseBall Card Exchange it’s fair to say that this saga is far from over. Unless he decides to open the case to verify the six individual boxes there is unlikely to be a resolution to this whole debacle. That being said, I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough…

Real or fake? What are your thoughts?

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