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Logan Paul unveils BGS 10 Charizard – One of three in world!

Logan Paul BGS 10

The Pokemon community has wondered about the whereabouts of the third BGS 10 1st Edition Base Set Charizard for a while now. It need wonder no more. On Sunday night, as he entered the ring to fight Floyd Mayweather, Logan Paul had the BGS 10 Charizard card swinging from a necklace on his neck.

Gary “King Pokemon”, famous for his appearance on the hit show Pawn Stars is the owner of two BGS 10 1st Edition Base Set Charizards and has been searching for the third over the past year. The owner of the card had yet to reveal themselves and those in the high-end collector’s side of the hobby were unable to assist Gary even when offered a finders fee.

Now we know, Logan’s obsession with Pokemon TCG looks set to continue as he unveiled the card in the post-fight press conference following his “no contest” exhibition match with one of the greatest boxers of all time. 

Logan said, “This is my prized possession, it’s one of three in the world. Ever since I got it graded a 10 the momentum in my life has been crazy, this is my good luck charm.”

When questioned on a value for the card, he replied “Estimated value, I mean now this is a $1 million card, this is the card I walked out to the Floyd Mayweather fight with.”

No BGS 10 1st Edition Base Set Charizard has sold in the past year and would fetch a higher fee than the record-breaking PSA 10’s we’ve been reporting over the last year. That being said, who knows if this is a publicity stunt for Logan to make more money from Pokemon TCG. Earlier this year, Logan Paul purchased six 1st Edition Base Set boxes for roughly $2 million with his second box break in February more of an advert for Cryptocurrency than Pokemon cards. In that box break, Logan pulled a 1st Edition Base Set Charizard that later graded a PSA 10 – read our interview with the owner here.

Logan Paul says this BGS 10 Charizard card is his prized possession, time will tell if that’s the case.

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John-Anthony Disotto – Ludkins Media Editor-in-Chief


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