Logan Paul’s BGS 10 Charizard – Why are people suspicious?

Logan Paul BGS Charizard

On Sunday night, as Logan Paul sat down for his Floyd Mayweather post-fight press conference, The Pokemon TCG community questioned the graded Charizard slab swinging from his diamond necklace. A few days on, we’re going to look at information circulating the web. Is the BGS 10 1st Edition Base Set Charizard the same PSA 10 card that Logan Paul bought from Gary “King Pokemon” last year?

Disclaimer: This article is aimed at providing information related to speculation circulating online. For more information related to Logan Paul’s BGS 10 Charizard please check out the origins of this story on Pichucollector’s Instagram here.

Logan Paul BGS Charizard

Before we look into speculation running rife through social media, here’s a quick summary for those not in the know of the difference between a BGS 10 and a PSA 10:

PSA is the most well-known trading card grading service in the world. The best PSA grade possible is a PSA 10, described as “Gem mint”. Beckett (BGS) is another grading service that provides subgrades (edges, corners, centring, surface) to their grades meaning that a 10, known as “Pristine” (at least three subgrades must grade 10) is distinguishably harder to achieve than a PSA 10. 

In terms of the 1st Edition Base Set Charizard that has been the poster-child for Pokemon TCG since its inception, there are (as of writing) 122 PSA 10s in existence and only three BGS 10s – this goes to show the difficulty in grading between a BGS 10 and a PSA 10. 

Now that that’s out of the way. Gary “King Pokemon”, most known for his appearance on Pawn Stars owned the only two BGS 10 Charizards in existence up until September 2020. In October 2020, a third BGS 10 appeared on the scene. This led Gary to offer a $50,000 finders fee and $750,000 to the owner of the card for him to continue owning every BGS 10 1st Edition Charizard in existence. 

Since October, we’ve not known who owns that third BGS 10 or where the card is. Until Sunday night (6th June 2021), when Logan Paul stated a $1 million estimate and branded the card his prized possession. 

This got the internet speculating, where did the card from?

Elite Forum, the biggest online Pokemon TCG forum, has seen a thread blow up over the last few nights as members try to piece together the story. Here’s a breakdown:

– In January 2020, Gary alongside Pokemon YouTuber Leonhart made a video where they attempted to send one of Gary’s PSA 10 Charizards to BGS to get the card upgraded to a Beckett 10. The Charizard failed the crossover due to issues with the edging and corners (see image below for BGS’s explanation).

Logan Paul BGS Charizard
Source: Leonhart YouTube

– In October 2020, Logan Paul causes The Pokemon TCG market to explode by uploading a video where he purchases a PSA 10 1st Edition Base Set Charizard from Gary “King Pokemon” for $150,000 back in September 2020.

– In October 2020, the third BGS 10 appears on Beckett’s registry.

So why is the community so focused on this card? 

A post by Elite Fourum member “PichuFan” shows that the holofoil on the PSA 10 Logan purchased is identical to his now BGS 10. This has got people speculating that the BGS 10 Charizard was in fact crossover graded by Logan Paul from the PSA 10 he originally purchased in September 2020. 

Source: PichuFan E4

Beckett has uploaded images of the front of the card but we are yet to see the back which had the original issues that prevented the card from obtaining that same grade when Gary and Leonhart sent the card to BGS in January 2020. 

Source: Beckett Instagram

We know that crossover grading has always been difficult, due to graders inspecting the card from within a slab rather than raw. It must also be said that grading does differ depending on the grader. That being said, there are many protocols in place across grading services so that multiple eyes see a card before a grade is finalised.

Gary “King Pokemon” has uploaded a video to YouTube talking briefly about the situation and has emphasised that more information will be revealed soon.

In terms of the origins of this card, everything seems to point towards a PSA 10 crossover. Until this is finalised the community will continue to speculate on why this card was initially refused a BGS 10. What are your thoughts?

Huge thanks to @pichucollector for their “Not-so-Pristine BGS 10” Instagram post and everyone on the E4 thread for providing insight into this article. We’ll keep a close eye and keep readers updated with further information as it’s revealed. 

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John-Anthony Disotto – Ludkins Media Editor-in-Chief

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