Logan Paul’s Pokemon case is fake, now what?

Yesterday saw the opening of one of the most controversial and high-profile Pokemon TCG products of all time. With over 2 million views at the time of writing and trending #1 on YouTube, most of the Pokemon TCG community tuned in to see Logan Paul open boxes of G.I. Joe trading card packs in the place of 1st Edition Base Set. With the confirmation of fake contents what happens now in this never-ending drama surrounding the authenticated box by Baseball Card Exchange?

Logan Paul Pokemon Fake

A brief recap

Back in April 2021 a questionable sealed case of 1st Edition Base Set booster boxes appeared on eBay that was later purchased by @CardKahuna and @Shopmeelypops on Instagram. The two buyers would go on to authenticate the box with Baseball Card Exchange and then sell on to Matt Allen (@Shyne150), a high-end sports card dealer, for $2.7 million. 

At the time, we wrote about this record-breaking sale before removing the article due to the uncertainty surrounding the product and questionable DMs from @CardKahuna who requested that we make no assumptions related to the price of the sale (the price was originally undisclosed). Fast forward to December 2021 and Shyne150 sells his authenticated sealed 1st Edition Base Set case to YouTuber Logan Paul for $3.5 million. 

  • Baseball Card Exchange
  • Baseball Card Exchange

Once the news hit of Logan’s purchase (the largest in Pokemon TCG history), questions and information surrounding the original sale in April began to resurface. YouTuber, Rattle Pokemon made multiple in-depth videos highlighting issues surrounding the box which would end up catching Logan Paul’s attention. A few weeks later and that brings us to today where Logan Paul’s 1st Edition Base Set case is totally fake leading to repercussions for all those involved.

What happens now?

@CardPorn on Instagram have been in touch directly with the parties involved leading to an update on everyone’s situation.

First of all, Logan Paul has been refunded his $3.5 million by Matt Allen (@Shyne150) who initially purchased the case in blind faith based on the authentication of Baseball Card Exchange. As for Matt, it looks like things could get messy as he tries to get reimbursed for this shoddy transaction. Cardporn states, “We have it on good authority that Jameel initially promised he’d pay Shyne back immediately (Jameel’s cut of the deal was $515,000 and Jacob’s cut was $2,185,000), however, he has since gone back on his word and has lawyered up, making Shyne waste money on attorneys to fight to get his money back.”

The Instagram post goes on to state that Jacob Gabay (@Cardkahuna) has claimed that he is unable to refund at this time due to a lack of funds despite multiple false claims related to his net worth which can be found in Rattle’s video here

Claims are surfacing relating to the identity of the original seller/scammer on eBay which we don’t feel confident enough to report as this information is pure speculation at this point. With the extent of this fraud, the original seller could be in very deep waters if their identity is to be revealed and legal action pursued. 

Baseball Card Exchange

We’re all aware that as more eyes turn to Pokemon TCG and values rise there’s an increased risk of scams and theft. That being said, this particular affair has been facilitated from a lack of understanding and sheer negligence by Baseball Card Exchange and its owner, Steve Hart. 

To authenticate a sealed cardboard box with hardly any understanding of the product in question which has now led to the biggest case of fraud in Pokemon TCG history is quite remarkable. BBCE will now have to work incredibly hard to preserve what they can of a reputation in the sports card market as their Pokemon TCG rep is all but gone. 

We reached out to Charlie Hurlocker, a well-known Pokemon TCG expert currently contracted with CGC Trading Cards, to find out more about how the lack of expertise when authenticating trading card products is incredibly detrimental to the hobby as a whole. He said, “This event highlights the importance of true expertise in our industry. As dealers and corporations operate in our industry to the tune of millions, and even billions, of dollars, the need for the recognition, compensation, and cultivation of real expertise is critical. Some companies are getting it right. But most continue to operate on the fallacy that TCGs are simply not worth the investment.”

“It is tragic to watch this play out the way it has. Especially when any legitimate professional would have immediately stopped this. In one deal alone, more money was lost than it would cost to create an entire extended career for a professional. This should be a wake-up call to authentication services using subpar expertise, to dealers who take big risks without paying for consultation, and for pretenders who are making claims to knowledge they do not have in a bid for fame and fortune.”

With that said, we’re all left scratching our heads at how this situation got to where it is today. Without the authentication by BBCE, Shyne150 doesn’t purchase the case and this story never hears the light of day. Instead, incompetence and negligence have led to an incredibly toxic and sad story that could have severe repercussions on this hobby. 

Love him or hate him, Logan Paul probably comes out on top with a video garnering clicks, a refund of his lost money, and great advertising for his newly launched drink brand. That being said, hardly any of us know Logan directly and losing out on what could’ve been a fantastic collection piece is bound to hurt more than the money he has to spend. 

One thing’s for sure, Logan Paul’s video highlights the opportunism in this hobby with individuals looking to make a quick buck. No comment highlights this more than “If it’s good (legit) then this case is worth more than $3.5 million now”. That quote right there is as ridiculous as this whole story and a word of warning to us all to serve our due diligence and ask the right people for advice before making critical errors with awful consequences.

Now we just wait and see what happens next. Will Shyne150 get his money back? We sure hope so. 

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John-Anthony Disotto – Ludkins Media Editor-in-Chief

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