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Logan Paul’s Pokemon case is…fake!

Logan Paul Pokemon Fake

The contents of Logan Paul’s $3.5 million Pokemon TCG purchase have been revealed and it’s bad news for Logan and his investment. Logan Paul’s Pokemon 1st Edition Base Set case (6 booster boxes) is fake!

Last month, Logan Paul announced his latest Pokemon TCG purchase, a $3.5 million case of 6 1st Edition Base Set booster boxes authenticated by Baseball Card Exchange. The case in question had been reported on earlier in 2021 with doubts looming over the credibility of its contents.

After the announcement, the Pokemon TCG community blew up with speculation surrounding the contents of the box. What was inside? The aforementioned 6 1st Edition Base Set booster boxes or something else like a lifetime supply of Oreos?

Now, Logan Paul has officially released a video showcasing his journey to Chicago alongside the seller of the box Shyne150 to open and verify the contents of his Pokemon TCG 1st Edition Base Set case. Unluckily for him, the contents are fake!

The video speaks for itself and can be watched below where to Logan’s dismay the box is verified as fake with the contents not in line with what he expected to find inside. Instead Logan is horrified to find GI: Joe trading cards inside fake 1st Edition Base Set booster boxes.

The mass speculation surrounding the contents was first documented by the Pokemon TCG YouTube channel, Rattle Pokemon, in which he compiled evidence which set the tone for what to expect inside.There was even an absurd Instagram live that ended with the Island Boys and Gary Haase (King Pokemon) discussing what they each thought was inside in a bizarre turn of events.

Now that we have confirmation in video form of the contents of the case is this story now put to rest? What are your thoughts? What impact will this have on the future of high end Pokemon TCG sales?

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John-Anthony Disotto – Ludkins Media Editor-in-Chief

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