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Logan Paul’s Pokémon TCG Love – A Controversial Relationship

Logan Paul Pro or Con

Since Logan Paul’s $2 million Pokémon TCG announcement on Wednesday, your YouTube recommended feed has been littered with reaction videos with content creators looking like Scream Promo Pikachu. The impact of his purchases will most likely have a huge impact on the landscape of our collections. We here at Ludkins Media have decided to formulate a debate-like article analysing the pros and cons of Logan’s involvement in the hobby in October 2020 and now again at the start of 2021.

Everything is awesome.

When Logan Paul purchased a First Edition Base Set Booster Box for $200,000 last October he funded the most expensive booster box purchase of all time. Now, a mere four months later and these same boxes are selling for over double the price. For long time collectors, Logan’s involvement created a huge boom in the ROI% (return on investment) of the products many had held onto for years, allowing for life-changing shifts such as purchasing first homes or paying off college debt.

Logan Paul’s involvement with Pokémon created a flood of interest in the hobby leading to thousands of new creators on YouTube and beyond. This has not only led to a rise in entertainment but a larger variety of content to choose from. Nowadays, there are box breaks for everyone at every price point and channels targeting every age group. In a time where we have nothing to do but sit at home, the rise in stature of the hobby thanks to mainstream attention has given all of us hours and hours of content to enjoy.

Any publicity is good publicity, that’s an old saying, right? Maybe less true in today’s society having mainstream attention does not only create hype around Pokémon TCG but also opportunity. Of course, some may say Pokémon is the biggest media franchise of all time, it’s already mainstream but Logan’s videos have brought in a resounding amount of fascination to collectibles as a whole. This is the year of the 25th Anniversary of Pokémon, obviously, The Pokémon Company was going to go all out with collars such as the one with Katy Perry. That being said, having one of the biggest YouTubers in the world on board, creating new enjoyment and interest in the hobby beyond those that see a scalping opportunity will lead to new interest for future generations.

Everything is awesome.

When Logan Paul purchased a First Edition Base Set Booster Box for $200,000 last October he funded the most expensive booster box purchase of all time. Now, a mere four months later and these same boxes are selling for over double the price -That’s because he sold his packs for a combined $400,000 creating a now new market value for a high-end product. It’s commendable that he used his platform to raise over $130,000 for charity but equally, he priced out the majority of even high-end collectors that didn’t already own the “Holy Grail” of Pokémon TCG booster boxes. Now, he’s doing it again. Only this time by placing his packs on auction he avoids criticism of overcharging for packs – not only that but he has 5 other booster boxes to help with his profit margins moving forward.

Everything is Awesome House Fire

We’re already starting to see the impact, in the U.K. my local supermarket had boxes and boxes of Vivid Voltage blister packs on Monday (I’m sorry USA, we still have some decent Pokémon product on our shelves). As of Thursday, literally, nothing left. This happened in October as well, everyone and their gran see an opportunity to purchase and sell Pokémon products for way above their actual value and because the demand is there, people buy them. Now I’m not saying that there isn’t an increase in value across Pokémon TCG just now but when the average consumer hears that a celebrity has put an extensive amount of money into an industry they have no clue about, some jump at the opportunity creating an over-exaggerated price point – we saw this in October and we’ll see it again now.

Logan Paul’s impact on the Pokémon TCG landscape is multi-faceted. It’s neither positive nor negative depending on the viewpoint you wish to take. At the end of the day, mainstream media outlets and other influencers will jump on this opportunity again to hype Pokémon but we must not forget that this is merely one aspect of a much wider hobby and community that has many positives and negatives alike. On the one hand, if Logan Paul’s purchases push new generations into the hobby or older generations to return then there is a genuine benefit to his participation. On the other hand, just like any other hyped product with larger demand than supply Pokémon TCG will continue on its 2020 scarcity trend – something we all need to accept as we watch our card values rise.

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John-Anthony Disotto – Ludkins Media Editor

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