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Ludkins Media Card of the Year – Vote now!

Pokemon card of the year

The festive period is well and truly underway and with that comes the inaugural Ludkins Media Pokemon TCG Card of the Year vote. 2021 has been filled with stunning set cards like Umbreon VMAX Alternate Art in Evolving Skies to Japanese promo cards like the Japan Post Pikachu. Now, over the course of the next few weeks we’ll be pitting your favourite cards up against each other over social media to determine our readers’ 2021 Card of the Year. Vote now!

A few rules

  • – In order to compete, the card must have released in English in 2021 (This means no VMAX Climax). Japanese Promo cards which have not released in English will also be included. 
  • – Celebrations Classic Collection is not included due to being reprints rather than releases.
  • – Thousands of cards have released this year, we’ve whittled down the bracket to a top 32 based off of your comments and our writers’ opinions. If your card hasn’t made the top 32 we’re sorry, it’s just not possible to include everything. During the selection process we tried to have as varied a selection as possible. This selection is based on the impact of the card and to include as much diversity as possible. The selection process is from a collector’s/art perspective.
  • – Voting will take place on Instagram stories throughout December with regular updates after every voting round. To take part, follow @LudkinsMedia. If you’re reading this, the voting has begun!

Notable contenders

We’ll reveal the bracket once 32 become 16. In the meantime here are some notable cards that could very well take the Ludkins Media Card of the Year 2021 crown!

Japan Post x Pokemon’s stamp box gave us two of the best promos of recent memory focusing on historic Japanese artwork and bringing in a Pikachu and Cramorant twist. Released as part of a collection box alongside beautiful holo stamps of Kanto’s evolution trio these cards appear to be the front runner for Ludkins Media Card of the Year 2021.

Pokémon TCG promo stamps

Evolving Skies is probably the best English Pokemon set of 2021 thanks to many alternate art Eeveelutions. One of which, Umbreon VMAX Alternate Art gives a Van Gough-like style to the whole of the card thanks to the beautifully chosen colours and moon in the backdrop. Alternatively, Espeon VMAX appeared in Fusion Strike as the chase card for the set months after releasing as part of Eevee Heroes Special Set in May. Espeon Vmax Alternate Art screams Clash of the Titans making it one of the most sought-after booster pack chases of the year.

How could we talk about the best card of 2021 without including Shiny Charizard VMAX from Shining Fates. What else needs to be said, people love a zard. Is this card loved enough to go far in the vote?

Shining Fates VMAX Charizard

The winning card will be revealed in a Top 10 cards of 2021 article at the end of December! Get voting in Round 1 now for your Pokemon TCG Card of the Year! 

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John-Anthony Disotto – Ludkins Media Editor-in-Chief

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