Machine Black Starter Deck – Digimon TCG

Machine Black Starter Deck

With ‘Special Booster Ver.1.5’ releasing today (12 March 2021), we can begin thinking about the second wave of new Starter Decks coming to Digimon TCG and how those decks will help shape the future of the game. Giga Green, Machine Black and Venomous Violet will be the newest additions to the Starter Deck lineup, giving players the ideal foundation to build Green, Black and Purple decks, reinforced by the cards pulled from ‘Special Booster Ver. 1.0’ and ‘Special Booster Ver. 1.5’. This article takes a closer look specifically at Digimon TCG Machine Black Starter Deck.

Digimon Machine Black ST-5 Starter Deck

Tai is back for his second Starter Deck, but this time the theme is very different. This deck has a fantastic draw mechanic, with cards like ‘ToyAgumon’ and ‘Greymon’ allowing you to draw a card if your opponent didn’t attack in their turn. This will work perfectly if you are dominating the Battle Area or using cards that prevent them from attacking. 

Agumon ST5-03

[Blocker] (When an opponent’s Digimon attacks, you may suspend this Digimon to force the opponent to attack it instead.)

Yet another Agumon enters the Digimon TCG, only this time it is a Black card. This card will go very well with the Black ‘Greymon’ and ‘MetalGreymon’ cards found in ‘Special Booster Ver. 1.0’. Although there have been quite a few Agumon cards released, this one is the first to have the Blocker ability. 

Agumon ST5-03
Machine Black Starter Deck

BlitzGreymon ST5-13

[Security Attack + 1] (This Digimon checks 1 additional security card.) [Main] (Trash 2 of this Digimon’s Digivolution cards to activate the effect below.)・1 of your Digimon gets +4000 DP until the end of your opponent’s next turn.

In some situations, you have no choice but to go in all guns blazing. Well, there isn’t a Digimon that fits that description better than ‘BlitzGreymon’. Not only can this Super Rare check an additional Security card, but it can also power another Digimon up by +4000 DP by trashing two Digivolution cards. 

MetalTyrannomon ST5-10

This ‘MetalTyrannomon’ has a very unique art style that is reminiscent of the original Digimon TCG, ‘Hyper Colosseum’. For its relatively low play cost, this cyborg Digimon has 9000 DP to take on your opponent’s Digimon. 

MetalTyrannomon ST5-10
Machine Black Starter Deck

Machinedramon ST5-12

[When Digivolving] Up to 2 of your Digimon gain (Unsuspend this Digimon during your opponent’s unsuspend phase) until the end of your opponent’s next turn.

For a sleeker upgrade in the cyborg Digimon family, ‘Machinedramon’ is arguably as good as it gets. This Digimon is literally climbing out of its card to do some annihilation. When a Digimon Digivolves into this card, it will unsuspend two of your Digimon in your opponent’s phase. 

Starter Deck Contents

Just like the first three starter decks, each of the new ones will consist of 54 cards, three of which will be Rare and one being a Super Rare. The deck will also come with a ‘Great Legend’ booster pack and two Memory Gauge cards to help players get stuck straight in.  

Will People Skip The Original Starter Decks?

‘Special Booster Ver. 1.0’ and the first three starter decks all dropped simultaneously, which meant that the decks also got caught up in the mass buying frenzy. Coupled with the distribution and manufacturer issues brought on by COVID-19, as things stand, the first three Starter Decks are incredibly hard to get hold of. In a recent announcement, Bandai said that ‘Special Booster Ver. 1.0’ will be reprinted to replenish stocks. When this happens, it will hopefully go a long way to steady out the current market value and allow people to buy them for the RRP. It is unknown whether these plans also apply to the starter decks, which could mean that Giga Green, Machine Black and Venomous Violet could end up being the gateway products for new players if the Gaia Red, Cocytus Blue and Heaven’s Yellow decks don’t become more readily available. 

Do you want to check out the other new Starter Decks?

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