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Major collectible acquisitions: CGC + Goldin Auctions purchased by investment firms

CGC Blackstone

There have been major acquisitions in the TCG world as Blackstone acquire CGC and Collectors Holdings, who recently purchased PSA, acquire Goldin Auctions.

Blackstone Acquires CGC

You may have heard of Blackstone investments, an investment firm known for its participation in purchasing family homes during the 2007-2008 financial crisis. Well, now they have acquired a majority stake in Certified Collectibles Group which includes CGC Comic Book Grading and Trading Card Grading subdivisions.

The acquisition is said to “accelerate CCG’s growth, enabling the company to invest significantly in its current and planned services, adding and training new employees, expanding its geographic and product reach, acquiring new technologies and developing its digital presence.” 

The official press release states, “CCG’s leadership team will remain in place, combining their experience and expertise with Blackstone’s extensive resources.”

Collectors Holdings Acquires Goldin Auctions

In other news, Collectors Holdings, known for acquiring PSA (Collector’s Universe) earlier this year has purchased a majority stake in Goldin Auctions – just a few months after Goldin received $40 million in investment from The Cherning Group.

Fronted by Nat Turner, Collectors Holdings now own a majority stake in both PSA and Golding Auctions which could lead to collaborations in the future between the collectibles auction site and the number one TCG grading company on the planet. 

Nat Turner, Executive Chairman, said in an official press release, “We are incredibly excited to join Ken, Ross and the other amazing team members at Goldin Auctions,”

“While Goldin Auctions will continue to operate independently, we all share the same vision of using innovative technology to enhance and grow the industry for the benefit of all.”

In addition to this Collectors Holdings emphasised that PSA would “continue to work with and support all auction houses, just as Goldin Auctions will continue to work with all trusted services to grade and authenticate rare and valuable cards and collectibles.”

These acquisitions emphasise the continued boom in the collectibles market and with big releases on the horizon the momentum doesn’t look to be stopping anytime soon.

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John-Anthony Disotto – Ludkins Media Editor


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