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Man *actually* finds rare Pokemon card in old binder!

Man finds rare Pokemon

How would you feel if you found childhood cards when cleaning out your old home? We’ve seen many Reddit posts of random cards being found in old binders worth thousands of dollars to the point where it’s become a meme within the community. Let’s face it, very few people find expensive and rare Pokemon cards that they didn’t know about before this year. But what if you actually did find a rare card? That seems to be the case for one man in Indiana who found an Inverted WB stamp Mewtwo from Pokemon: The First Movie in his old Pokemon binder.

First of all, the card in question is an incredibly valuable misprint due to its rarity and interesting design. Many of us grew up with this Mewtwo promo which was distributed at screenings of the first ever Pokemon movie when attending the cinema. The error shows the Warner Bros. Pokemon stamp printed upside down across the attack portion of the card rather than under the HP where the normal variation of the card houses the stamp. Due to the lack of label differentiation via PSA it is quite hard to value such a card however, It’s fair to say this card is worth thousands to the right buyer.

Man finds rare Pokemon

John from Indiana posted on social media looking for some information on the card after his parents decided to go through their collection of sports cards due to the buzz around trading cards as a whole. When doing so they stumbled across John’s old Pokemon binder with a strange-looking Mewtwo nestled amongst fairly common cards from the WOTC era.

First asking on Reddit and then misprint specific groups on Facebook, John started to realise that his inverted WB stamp card was worth a pretty penny. Group members started to help him out with valuations quoting anywhere between $1000 and $12000. John has decided to send the card for grading via CGC before putting it up for sale. “I was definitely shocked by the prices people were throwing out. I remember when I got it in 1999 my mother told me to keep it safe because it would be worth a lot someday due to the inverted stamp. She really was thinking ahead I guess.”

John is grateful to the community who stepped up and gave him info that he may have missed elsewhere and also for advising him against private message deals of lowball offers for a card that has genuine value.

It’s fair to say that we would all love to stumble on a long-lost binder housing some of the rare Pokemon cards we could only dream of owning one day. Let’s just hope we’ve got some forgotten binders stored somewhere to live out this fantasy!

What’s the rarest card you have from your childhood? Would you ever sell it?

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