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Market Analysis – ‘Awakened Power’ value drop

‘Son Goku, the Awakened Power’ has risen in popularity over the last year and is even regarded by some as the Shadowless Base Set Charizard of Pokemon or the Black Lotus of Magic, despite only being three years old. Although this card has risen to record-breaking values during the beginning of 2021, there has been a steady decline in the price of graded versions, with PSA 10s going from $10.3k to $4.2k in just five months.

In June 2020, PSA 10 ‘Son Goku, the Awakened Power’ cards were selling for around $1000. This price doubled in just one month with a steady increase up until December. In January 2021, the value skyrocketed to $4800, which could be accredited to the pandemic, as new players and collectors entering the DBS CG during lockdown. By the end of January, the price unbelievably doubled again to around $9000. In February, a PSA 10 sold for $10000, with another selling in March for $15000, marking its most valuable point. From then on, the card has seen a steady decline, managing to hold a value of around $6000 to $6800 throughout June before crashing to $4000 in July and August.

The price of ‘Goku the Awakened Power’ may have risen quickly due to misinformation about its rarity. Back in July 2020, an SMR magazine article claimed that there were only 500 ‘Awakened Power’ cards in existence. This, of course, cannot be true as there are 519 in the PSA graded population alone. Regardless, the rumour likely contributed to the increase in its value and encouraged the influx of sales that followed. 

Another reason for the price drop could be that as Covid-19 restrictions ease, people are looking to free up their investments to do other things. As more ‘Awakened Power’ cards go up for sale, those undercutting will eventually reduce the average market price, especially if others do the same. 

Awakened Power value

It isn’t just ‘Awakened Power’ that has seen a price dip in the last six months, with the value of PSA 10 ‘Son Goku & Vegeta Apex Of Power’ cards dropping from $4100 in April to $2100, and ‘Son Goku, Hope of Universe 7’ dropping from $3400 in May to $1875 in August. This indicates that the price drop is happening throughout the DBS CG market as a whole and is likely to see increases in the future, just like any other active marketplace. 

Awakened Power value

Despite this lower value period, massive sales are still taking place. On June 14th, a Beckett Black Label Pristine 10 ‘Son Goku, The Awakened Power’ sold for an eye-watering $90,000 on the PWCC Marketplace, setting a new record for the DBS CG. 

Fortunately for those who own a ‘Son Goku, the Awakened Power’, we are once again seeing a rise in value, with PSA 10s creeping back up to $5,500. It is unknown whether this card will return to its $15000 record high, but it still remains the most expensive card pulled from a booster to date.

For many collectors, it’s not just about the value of the card. Just because its price has dropped since March doesn’t take anything away from its rarity and history. To read more about ‘Son Goku, the Awakened Power’, head over to our article here. If you would like to learn more about the DBS CG market, check out our article – DBS Cross Spirits Market Watch: Top Rarity Values.

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