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Market Analysis – Most Valuable Booster Cards

Since the competitive season kicked off for the Digimon TCG, with the Premier TO and Evolution Cup, the market landscape has greatly changed. In fact, most of the three-figure cards on the market are now tournament prize cards or those pulled from tournament packs. In this article, we will take a look at the most valuable booster cards in the Digimon TCG and compare their current values to those achieved in previous months. 

Omnimon SEC (Alt Art) 

The Omnimon (Alt Art) from Special Booster 1.0 held the top spot as the most valuable card since the Digimon TCG was first released. In May, when the market was still establishing itself, and before promo and tournament cards came onto the market, this card was selling for $236. Now, the price has dropped and settled, with two raw copies selling in August for $150 on eBay, and another selling for $163 in September.

 With that being said, TCG Player has sold over 30 copies for between $100 and $110, with more still up for sale. It is worth noting that most of these are limited to shipping within the US, which does show a value divide between different regions. 

Digimon TCG Valuable Booster Cards
Digimon TCG Valuable Booster Cards

Lilithmon SEC (Alt Art)

In May Lilithmon was selling for $62, dropping from the $83 value achieved when the Special Booster 1.0 was first released. In August, raw copies of this card were selling for between $70 and $85. This value has continued throughout September, with copies selling through TCG Player for similar values. 

Last month, a PSA 10 alt art Lilithmon sold for $513, which marked the first and one of the only public sales of this card. Now that more graded copies are coming on to the market, it will be interesting to see how this value rises or falls. 

Lucemon SEC (Standard & Alt Art)

As you can probably tell from our list so far, alt art versions of a set’s SECs always become the most sought after and valuable because of their rarity and artwork. Lucemon is yet another prime example of this, selling for around $100 when it first came onto the market in June, following the release of the Great Legend booster. It now has a market guide price of $85 on TCG Player, although the latest copies sold through the site have gone for between $60 and $73. Copies selling on eBay are more in line with the market guide, however, with the latest selling for $78 and $82.The regular Lucemon version isn’t far behind in terms of value, as it has been selling through TCG Player for around $60 in September, with another selling on eBay for $53

Digimon TCG Valuable Booster Cards

Omnimon Zwart Defeat SEC (Standard & Alt Art) 

Copies of the alt art Omnimon Zwart Defeat has been selling for between $57 and $65 throughout September. The value gap between the standard and alt art versions isn’t that large, with the latest copies selling for $45, $52 and $53

Digimon TCG Valuable Booster Cards

AncientGarurumon SEC (Standard & Alt Art) 

The standard version of AnchientGarurumon has been selling for between $42 and $35 in September, which is slightly less than the $44 market guide seen on TCG Player. This value reflects those sold through the website, which has stayed firm at a $45 average. 

The latest alt arts have sold for $46 and $52 on eBay, which isn’t too far off the TCG Player market guide of $56, which the last two copies have sold for. 

Omnimon Alter-S SEC (Alternate Art)

The alt art verson of Omnimon Alter-S is currently selling for an average of $45 on TCG Player, with the standard version having just a $5 difference in value at $40. As is the case with a number of cards, the copies on eBay are selling for a little more. This is mainly down to players and collectors living outside of the US not being able to purchase the copies that are not shipped worldwide. On eBay, the last alt art copy sold for $60 while the latest standard version went for $54. This again shows the small gap between values. 

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