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Market Analysis: Tifa 11-07L Full Art

Tifa is a proud member of Avalanche and a friend of Cloud. She has been a popular character among fans since being introduced way back in Final Fantasy VII and has since had several FF TCG cards based on her. Although a lot of these cards look and play great, there is one Tifa card that stands out among the rest when it comes to value. 

The last Tifa 11-07L Full Art to sell on eBay went for $430 and $455 in July, which falls in line with the prices achieved through TCG Player in July, which range between $425 and $475. Two copies of Tifa are currently listed on TCG Player and eBay for around $490 each, so It will be interesting to see if these copies sell and push the value higher, as they are among the only ones up for sale at the time of writing this article. 

The Tifa 11-07L Full Art came with Opus XI: Soldier’s Return, which was released on March 20th, 2020.  This Full Art has become the most valuable of the set, although the Cloud 1-127L Full Art of the same set is not far behind, holding a value of $230 – $300. The Sephiroth 11-130L Full Art is also holding a good value, with the latest sales going for $100 on September 4th through eBay, and $145 on September 5th through TCG Player. For fans of Final Fantasy VII, it will be clear why this trio is popular – especially their rare Full Art versions. 

Tifa 11-07L Full Art

It is worth noting that a Get Graded copy of this card sold for $352 – the only sale to happen through eBay in the last month. This seems like a very good price, considering that there have been barely any copies on the market lately and that the card sold for far less than the raw copies sold in July. 

There is currently only one PSA 10 Tifa 11-07L on the market, with an asking price of $4500. There are 18 copies of this card in the PSA population, all of which achieving 10s. Considering a PSA 10 Cloud 1-127L Full Art sold in July for under $1000, with only four PSA 10s in the population, it’s safe to say that the Tifa listing may be a little optimistic. 

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